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Sep 17, 2007 01:14 PM

Just got back from registering--how'd I do?

I'm a vegetarian and don't plan to cook any meat or fowl at this point. Also, my non-cooking fiance and I plan to keep a kosher kitchen, so we need two sets of things, one for meat, and one for dairy.

Here goes--would love to hear what you think!

1 All-clad stainless steel 24 qt. stock pot
1 10 piece set of calphalon one anodized cookware. (I know sets aren't ideal, but this one has two frying pans and two sauce pans, which I would have needed anyway. That said, feel free to convince me to buy from the open stock!)
1 Le Creuset 5.5 qt. round french (dutch) oven
1 calphalon non-stick hard anodized 10 in frying pan

1 global vegetable knife
1 global utility knife
1 global chef's knife
I also got the sharpening kit--do I need it?
and I got the drawer knife holder

1 non-skid bamboo cutting board
a bunch of serving plates/bowls
a bunch of mixing bowls
1 wooden salad bowl set
1 stainless steel colander
1 set of cookie sheets
2 metal quiche trays

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  1. 6 gallons will be an enormous quantity of anything -- I don't think I would feel safe having that on a home stove. Other than that nothing leaps out at me as particularly unnecessary.

    I would add a plain, inexpensive uncoated cast iron skillet (or two) for everything from cornbread and pancakes to steak and fried chicken.

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    1. re: renov8r

      Yes, that sounds like an enormous stock pot. What the heck are you cooking in there?

      1. re: flourgirl

        That size pot would be great for making beer. Or rendering a goat. But otherwise it's likely just going to be in the way all the time.

        1. re: Chuckles the Clone

          Thank you. Now I'll know just what pot to use the next time I'm contemplating rendering a goat. Because the LAST time I tried to render a goat, the goshdarn pot just wasn't big enough. ;)

    2. Agree with renov8r - stock pot is probably waaay more than you need. Assess how much you'd use it(and how much you want to use it), and then consider 16 qt or even less (in your considerations think about how much storage you have for keeping stock/soups, for ex.).

      On the Calphalon set, consider what you'll be cooking in the pans. I got a set for my wedding (lo, these many years ago) and belatedly found that cooking acidic foods can ruin that nice anodized coating. If you need two sets for a kosher kitchen, consider adding some open stock stainless so you don't have to worry about acid for those pans. (I assume you'll be planning meals and breaking up cookware for your kitchen.)

      One more thing - always have more veg. knives than you think you'll need, as they 1) go awol and 2) are useful for even a non cooking spouse to help in prep!

      Congrats, and have fun setting up your kitchen.

      1. Looks good. Make sure though that your cookie sheets are really heavy duty with rims. Like the ones they have at Bakers Catalog. It's more important that they be heavy duty than that they be nonstick. That way they won't warp. You can use sheets of parchment paper on top so things don't stick. (Again, from Bakers Catalog) Enjoy your new kitchen!

        1. First of all Mazel Tov from all the hounds.

          add jfood to the 24 qts of what are you planning on cooking. and with no fowl it ain't chicken soup for the machatainas (excuse the spelling) and the bubbies. so he would sugest a MUCH smaller size.

          jfood also does not see any baking pans for roasting veggies. with no meats/fowl in the plans, veggies become an important aspect and there's nothing like a great big vat of roasted veggies.

          also do not really understand the sizes of your knives. how big are you planning the chef's? and is the utility a 4, 5, or 6" knife. jfood assumes the veggie knife is 3-4". veggie cooking may require another knife for the two of you to work together, likewise maybe another cutting board.

          on the pan side, jfood has too many (he knows tough problem to complain about) but his point is he uses his 10" saucier more than any other pan in the kitchen. he has two, one with two u-handles and the other with one u-handle and one long handle. he likes the long handle one better. Wrt the calphalon pans, jfood has lots and his comment would be on the lids. make sure you have potholders because the u-handles on the lids get VERY hot. he also loves the glass lids for the calphalon.

          now if you are not cooking meat is the meat/dairy double dishes important at this point?

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          1. re: jfood

            Good point, jfood...missed the vegetarian aspect. OP: will you be making meat for others, or keeping veg/kosher in your home?

            BTW, I agree with the roasting pans for veg mentioned by jfood - and you can never have enough there, too, as you'll want to rotate pans while your oven's hot and make enough for a few days! BUT! You don't need really spendy ones - if you're registering in more than one place, check out the options. You may end up with two or more!

            1. re: cayjohan

              Thanks SO much everyone--can't tell you how helpful this is. I'll need two sets--one dairy, one parve. I won't be preparing meat, but if others bring it or if we pick up a rotisserie chicken, I'll have the parve sides ready to go. I'm taking off the stock pot, and adding knives and roasting pans. All other thoughts/suggestions are most welcome!

          2. Have you tried the Global knives? Actually held them in your hands and moved your hands around as if you were cutting? Or have you actually used one in a kitchen? I know they look cool, but knife preference is like picking a spouse--preferences are intensely individual and looks aren't enough on which to build a relationship. Make sure the knives you choose are comfortable in your hand, feel secure and well-balanced. Again, just like a good spouse! LOL....

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            1. re: KenWritez

              Ken, I have to say your analogy made me laugh heartily - it so true! Plus, I'd never thought to compare knives with spouses. Well, at least not seriously <grin>.

              But, Noya - Ken is absolutely right on trying the knives. Heck, try different makes for different uses. Don't get hung up on any matchy-matchy issues the marketing tries to ply you with (comes with a matching knife block!). Global might be good for one of your knives, Wusthof for another, cheap parers from the corner market for something else. A spendy knife you don't use because it doesn't "feel right" to you will just be an annoyance and a space waster.