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FOOD on West Pico?

Does anyone know what it is? Drove by it today and was wondering...

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  1. It just opened this past weekend. Open for breakfast until 8pm. Pastries, salads, sandwiches, etc... They also have food to go. It's good!

    1. Folks, PULEESE help us out. What is the address/cross street/city??
      Did some clueless person(s) actually name their business 'FOOD'?

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        i pass this place by everyday while going back and forth from work. located on Pico Blvd - i don't know tha exact address but it's between Manning and Beverly Glen. possibly Prosser/Patricia Ave. and its right next to a old pharmacy. going east on Pico, it will be on your left side. its painted red on the outside and it says "FOOD" - arial font. hope this helps.

        i think the name is an attempt to be quirky, stand out, and create a much needed buzz. think about all the competition in LA. think about all the names that have already been used..they need to stick out somehow. and they did since that's the topic of discussion.

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          Ditto the name rationale. It's an obvious gimick but one that should work, assuming the food on the plate is as good as the FOOD over the door.

          Anyway, it beats the hell out of "BLD." Or "Food Court LA."

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            i agree 'food court' was an unfortunate choice...particularly since it's NOT a food court.

            but what's wrong with bld? it's easy to remember, and it actually means something.

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          here is the website complete with a menu and address

        3. It just popped up in Google.
          The address is 10571 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064.
          I can't link a Place for it, feature still broken? I don't want to make Another Duplicate.

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            Stopped by this week. Depressing little attempt by amateurs. This doesn't hold a candle to Joan's or Clementines. I don't expect it to last long based on what I saw and tasted. DULL AND DREARY! I'm sorry about that as I was excited to think that we might have a great new place to go in our neighborhood. Too bad. I checked out the website and it's run by old catering chef's from defunct and second rate institutional catering companies. I guess that explains the old school, slightly stale feeling of the place and the last decade menu . Oh well, back to Clementines for now. Hopefully something young and current will arrive soon!

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              You may not like the place, but "it's run by old catering chefs from defunct and second rate institutional catering companies", is not true. One of the chefs is from James Beach.

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                Walked in to check it out as i was in the area, I didn't eat there truth be told. It reminded me of a hip M Cafe Chaya the food looked boring to me........ plus i'd just eaten so i didn't try anything. I think i may go try it out though anyway.

          2. PoPJr. and I just dropped in for an afternoon bite (after his karate lesson at the dojo next door). This place is like a cross between Clementine and an organic Kwik-E-Mart. Salad combos, a few pastries and sweets (including three from Buttercake Bakery at the other end of the block), sandwiches and a small number of entrees, along with a few shelves with random household staples like 7th Generation laundry soap, Smart-Alec candies, farmers' market vegetables and greens, drinks, etc. We got a late-lunch salad combo with fettucine and mushrooms (not bad), golden beet salad (ok), and what was supposed to be orzo and grilled vegetables but was mostly good lettuces. Also a piece of citrus cornbread (very dense and sweet) and a very tasty and moist peach muffin.

            I'm not sure about the business model here, but it should be a nice addition to our friendly neighborhood (and perhaps a quicker alternative to John O'Groats and the Rancho Park Golf Course Restaurant).

            1. Went there the other day for breakfast. I had something from their specials board, huevos rancheros. It was terribly bland, and the eggs had that watery, undercooked feel that made me reluctant to keep eating. Based on that dish, I'd never go back. My wife was happier with her food, though (sorry, I've forgotten what she ordered). And -- some of their salads sound good, so I may give it one more shot, for lunch this time.

              1. It's like combination between Clementine and Joan's on Third. Gourmet sandwiches, pre-cooked fare and salads. You can also purchase specialty pantry items and wine.

                Since it's close to me, I stopped in a few weekends ago and ordered a salad, soup and sandwich. All were good (although Clementine is better) and it's a welcome addition to the neighborhood which is in need of more decent eats.

                1. I went for brunch on Saturday and although I wasn't expecting much based on the reviews here, I left disappointed. The place is cute and the presentation of the food is great, but the taste is lacking. If they spent as much effort as they do on the decor and plating as they do on the taste of the food, I would be happy to have a place so nearby to have brunch at.

                  I had one of the daily specials: eggs benedict with smoked salmon. The hollandaise sauce wasn't perfect, but I can excuse that because that's hard to get right. What I can't excuse is the over-cooked eggs. I've made hard-boiled eggs that had yolks more runny than that of the "poached" eggs they served me. One of the best things about eggs benedict is the runny eggs and I couldn't even have that. My order also came with a side of asparagus which while fresh, were not so exciting.

                  The BF ordered their vegan tofu scramble. I thought it was pretty good, but he thought the potatoes were too undercooked and the whole plate lacked something. We both agreed that the bell peppers were great though. The baguette that came with it was toasted, but a bit burnt.

                  Our other guest got the breakfast sandwich, which she thought was pretty standard. What stood out from her order were the fantastic potatoes. They're served with some sort of marinara sauce and a squirt of aioli, which made they quite tasty.

                  Overall, the food wasn't bad. It just wasn't good. One good thing is that it's walking distance from us.

                  Pictures: http://www.nakedsushi.net/?p=1462

                  10571 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

                  1. I went today for lunch. On the positive side, the side salad that came with my sandwich had very fresh nice greens, and was appropriately and lightly dressed. I did not like my turkey sandwich at all. It came drenched with a sugary and burnt-tasting roasted tomato chutney (I assume the chutney came from one of those pseudo- gourmet jars of stuff that line the shelves). The chutney was repulsive. I had to perform surgery on my sandwich by scraping off the dough on the bread where the chutney had permeated and then wiping clean the pieces of turkey (which were quite dry). If the turkey had been less dry and if the sandwich didn't have that repulsive chutney, it wouldn't have been a bad sandwich. So word to the wise, if you go there and order the turkey sandwich, ask for a taste of the chutney first to see if you like it.

                    All in all, I think this place could be a good addition to the neighborhood if they would beef the food up a notch.

                    1. I went for brunch last Saturday. To those who dare compare it to Joan's and Clementine's (sorry - these are tired out places and the comparison ends after you look past the interior retail item display), no way. The quality of the food completely surpasses Joan's and Clementine's. Let's get something straight here: a good sandwich is not a good sandwich if it's not on good bread. Besides their fantastic sandwich selection, try the quiche of the day. I had an AMAZING asparagus, ham and cheese quiche with the most tender crust and a side of flavorful casear salad. A revelation, really, for a building on Pico with a bold red facade. Don't dismiss it - this place is for those who don't need 'scene' or 'hype' and are simply impressed with good food.

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                        Sorry that repulsive chutney out of a jar was not good food and the turkey was too dry. As stated though, the salad greens were delightful. I think I will order a salad next time.

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                          Salad is def. the way to go... I LOVED their Cobb...


                          We've been a handful of times now and found that it's best when they keep it simple. I really enjoyed their Kale Deli Salad and their Tuna Sandwich...


                          But I wasn't wowed by their soups or this Mushroom Flower noodle dish (With all the ingredients, you'd think it'd HAD to be good... instead it was bland...:P



                      2. unfortunately FOOD is inconsistent. living in the neighborhood, it's been good enough times to go back. the rotisserie chicken is tasty, the grilled cheese can be great, the prepared salads are consistently the most lacking. the tomato soup is good, many of the others aren't. good turkey meatloaf sandwich. the baked good are also inconsistent. the staff is friendly, and can be faux-hip at times, but are always helpful. it's certainly not clementine, but it has better parking, access and less of a wait.

                        1. Maybe it is getting better with age. We went in for lunch on 10/5/08. They said that they just finished their first year of operation. I had a wonderful lamb sandwich (daily special) with a cup of good, hearty beef barley mushroom soup, and my wife really enjoyed her "kitchen sink" salad. Admittedly a small place, it was fairly crowded, which is pretty surprising given the economy. Prices seemed a bit high at first glace, but after the meal we felt it was worth the money. The website is woefully outdated, but they said that you can get specials on a telephone message (310-441-7770).

                          1. my wife and i ate there a couple months back. she REALLY liked it. it's not really my kind of food (updated american food, with an emphasis on fancy sandwiches and salads, etc) but i still thought it was good. it reminded me of nook (which to me stands as the pinnacle of that particular style of food), but just more limited and not quite at the same level.

                            however, their pastry section is worth checking out. we split a mixed-berry cobbler which was AMAZING. it wasn't very sweet, which i liked. i remember it had blackberries and rhubarb and something else. the crust was halfway between biscuit dought and puff pastry. delicate but it still had some heft to it. and at $5 for a hearty serving it seemed like a bargain.

                            overall i think FOOD is a decent choice if you're in the area (and we live in the area) but i wouldn't choose it over the similar Nook, which has similar prices but is better overall. however, if you're craving sweets, head down there ASAP.

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                              This place has some really good stuff. The grilled cheese sandwich, the breakfast sandwich, the burger, etc. "Old School"? Bring it on. I am so sick of all the faux-food in Los Angeles. And yes, I like Clemetine's (other than the terrible service), and Joan's on Third, and Huckleberry, but this is another good addition.

                              For me, the bakery items are also outstanding. Good people. Good service. Good food.

                              10571 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

                            2. I'll definitely give this place a try.

                              Do they have frozen soups? (Like Clementine & Joan's on Third). And if so, which are most tasty?

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                                Hi Fun,
                                They do have frozen soups but never bought on till today. Went for a late afternoon lunch and brought a container of Potato Leek Soup home for a lunch tomorrow. I'll let you know what I think.

                                Today, I had the breakfast sandwich (English Muffin, AP smoked bacon (almost a cliche now), egg medium, and cheese. Delicious. Wife had ricotta pancakes with caramelized bananas. A treat, to be sure.

                              2. this place is really yummy!!!! i just stopped in randomly after a post office vist a few weeks ago. they had a caprese panini sandwich special with real mozzarella and an olive tapanade. amazing. really salty and savory and rich and delicious. it was moist and flavorful. lovely. the price point was a bit high for a day-to-day lunch. but i think it's a nice little low scale destination lunch. definitely reasonable if you think of it that way. i'm also very happy with what they did with the space. it's a great little small business. finally, there were a lot of thanks from the staff and a really "welcome" type feel which was nice.

                                1. I just happened to see this place when driving by yesterday at lunch time. Stopped in and got the following, to go: (1) Hummus, which was creamy and lemony, not garlicky thank goodness; (2) broccolini, which was fine; and (3) kale salad. I bought the largest size kale, after confirming it was vegan (like who does raw kale non-vegan, anyway? Only vegans eat raw kale.) Took a bit of my kale salad this morning. There is yogurt in the dressing. So wrong.

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                                    Yogurt?? I eat the kale all the time! There's no yogurt...That white dressing is a cashew sauce. It IS vegan. And oh so tasty!

                                    1. re: WestsideFD

                                      WestsideFD is right. It's cashew cheese. I LOVE THAT SALAD!