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Sep 17, 2007 12:52 PM

Blue Hill at Stone Farms - what else is there?

Has anyone been to the cafe at BH@SF? Is there a take home food shop? What is available in the cafe and store?

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  1. They do sell their eggs and milk. The cafe has a small salad bar and they usually have three of four types of sandwiches. All are usually quite good, but then again just about anything tastes good when after you've done that much walking around. If you see plums there, don't miss them, best I've ever had.

    1. From the cafe you can take home their sandwiches, milk, eggs, yogurt, baked goods, etc. When I was there last week the salad bar was on the small side, but someone asked if they could take home a pint (or lb.??) of something and they were very accomodating. Although at $12/lb for the salad bar they should be!
      Also I posted last week about the farmer's market which is on Wed, Fri and either Sat or Sun. Check their website if interested.

      1. just for clarification, i believe it's "Blue Hill at Stone Barns"- not farms... enjoy fb