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Sep 17, 2007 12:48 PM

West Side Italian Parent-Pleasers

Hey folks. Have some suggestions for Italian places on the west side (from the west village up to midtown) that will please a number of palates? Here's the criteria:

- this is for three sophisticated (well, most of the time) twenty-somethings and a pair of visiting parents.
- Something Italian and vegetarian-friendly (the mother and daughter are both vegetarians)
- Relatively casual. Money's not so much an object, but the outfits are. Somewhere that jeans and a nice top (on a woman) is acceptable.

I originally suggested Da Silvano, but I'm told it's short on veggie fare. Can you suggest something in that vein?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Recently took my family (including vegetarian sister) to Crispo and we all enjoyed it. Parents' only complaint was that it was a little loud.

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    1. re: Lucia

      Thanks! That looks like a good bet.

      1. re: Lucia

        Second mom loved it.

      2. Fiorello's on Broadway & 63rd Street, across from Lincoln Center, has a fantastic vegetable antipasto bar plus regular entrees. I was there for lunch the other day and had the antipasto and was very happy with the selection. You pick what you want from a large selection and the server behind the antipasto bar plates it for you. The prices vary depending on how many vegies you wish and if you also want to mix seafood with it. I believe I had 5-6 vegetables for $16.95 at lunch with a really nice bread basket.

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        1. Cesca on the UWS is amazing!! Also for something a bit more casual, I go to Il Violino a lot in Lincoln Center area. Never disappoints.