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Interesting Uses For Won Ton Wrappers

I've recently discovered the joy of using the versatile won ton wrapper. Anyone have any interesting ideas/suggestions for these little pouches of goodness?

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  1. I just made these yesterday. Cut them diagonally, lay them on a cookie sheet, spray with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and fresh ground red pepper, and bake at 400 degrees for about 7 minutes. You will have the most delicious crackers for dips, soft cheeses or just snacking by themselves. People never fail to ask me where I get them.

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      You can do the same sprinkled with cinnamon and white sugar for a quick dessert.

      One amazing dessert, which I've reverse engineered from my favourite Shaanxi restaurant - fill with a bit of mozarella cheese, fold in half and seal, and deep fry until crispy. Dust with powdered sugar and (carefully) eat while still hot.

      I use them for making ravioli - mushroom fillings, squash or pumpkin, meat fillings, cheese fillings, etc.

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        Really, mozarella cheese with powdered sugar? I would have expected, say, ricotta. May need to give this a try!

    2. sweet (choc banana, pie filling) or savoury raviolis (spinach/cheese, squash/cheese, meat... (boiled or fried)
      fried and stacked w/ custard fillings for a sort-of napoleon...
      fried and sugar spice dusted as a "cracker" garnish for ice cream.
      fried and spice and salt dusted as chips.
      cut into strips and fried and seasoned for a crunchy topping for salads (if your into that)

      personally i mostly use them for wontons

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        I love the napoleon idea. Maybe I could fashion some sort of appetizer sized individual lasagna from them. I really like that cracker idea too. Thanks.

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          I'm pretty sure that one of my cookbooks at home has a recipe for a "chinese" lasagna that uses wonton wrappers. If you are interested, I could look when I get home.

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            what a novel idea...i'd love this.

      2. I use them to make ravioli. I prefer the round gyoza wrapper, I think it is a bit thinner and more tender.

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          I use the square ones and cut them roundand that seals them real good.

        2. They're great in the place of no-cook noodles in lasagna. Make sure that no ends are sticking up unsauced (they won't cook otherwise). You can also roll them through a pasta roller if you want them thinner (this will also remove a good deal of the cornstarch they coat them with).

          My mother and I use them in place of hand-stretched dough in the Armenian specialty, soubereg. It's still a huge process to cook and drain them all, but it saves some time on making the dough.

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            How is the texture when used in place of lasagna noodles?

            I have a 1/2 pkg of the long ones (made pork dumplings with the others) and I was going to get Nutella (dangerous for me to keep in the house) but maybe I'll go entree instead. If I do them sweet will I get ok results if I spritz with oil and bake instead of fry? Has anyone tried?

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              I know this is an old response, but gave me an idea:
              wontons filled with Biscoff spread, fried, then sprinkled w/ powdered sugar. Hmmmm

          2. I usually use them to make shrimp dumplings - chopped raw shrimp, grated carrot, a little sesame oil, a little grated ginger mixed together and placed in center of wrapper. Dampen the edge with water and seal by hand or in a dumpling crimper (I may have just made up that name!), then steam.

            Ridiculously decadent filled with Nutella and fried until crispy.

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              I do something similar but with raw salmon, puree it to a sort of "mousse" and then add chives, season and fill the little wontons, and off they go into a nice broth. The salmon stiffens up and they're done, really good.

            2. Use them to make aushak (Afghan leek ravioli).


              Individual lasagna sounds like a great idea -- please post results if you try it.

              1. I recently used them to make little shells for hors d'oeuvres. I recommend spraying them lightly, however, with a little canola oil or olive oil before baking, in order to get rid of the floury residue.

                1. The recipe I've linked below, for Alaskan King Crab "Nachos," involves making wonton shells in mini-muffin pans as the container for the nachos. The recipe as written is really good, and in addition, the wonton shells can be used in any variety of ways.


                  1. Stuff with red bean paste, or mung beans.

                    Deep fry.

                    Sprinkle with a bit of powdered sugar.


                    1. Mini Tacos Recipe

                      24 wonton wrappers
                      1 lb hamburger
                      1 package taco seasoning
                      1/2 cup salsa or picante sauce
                      3 tablespoons salsa
                      1 cup shredded cheese (cheddar is good, but a mexican blend would be good too)
                      sour cream (optional)
                      olives (optional)
                      guacamole (optional)
                      Cook hambuger until browned.
                      Drain the fat and stir in taco mix and 1/2 cup salsa/picante sauce.
                      Simmer for 3-5 minutes.
                      Press wonton wrappers into mini muffin cups.
                      Spoon beef mixture in cups and top with the 3 tbls of salsa and cheese, evenly divided.
                      Bake in preheated 425F oven for 8 minutes, or until the wontons are nicely browned.
                      Serve with extra salsa, sour cream, olives and Guacamole if desired.

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                        I usually make egg rolls or pizza rolls with them and with the left over wrappers I fry them up (just the wrapper plain) and when I remove them from the oil I drop them into a huge mixing bowl filled with confectioners sugar... I tell you these are a bigger hit at parties than the egg/pizza rolls (and the rolls disappear within minutes!) and they are so darn simple...

                      2. I once watched someone line mini-muffin tins with them and fill some sort of quiche-y type filling inside. Didn't even close them up, they baked little mini-quiches. It turned out cute, but I have no idea how it worked, really.. ;)

                        1. They're going to become kreplach wrappers in my house Thursday night.

                          And reannd has the right idea with using the mini-muffin cups. Line each cavity with a wonton wrapper and fill with just about anything. Bake 8 minutes and you've got a cute, hot little appetizer.

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                            Great ideas, and delicious. I love these things. The mini-quiche sounds great.

                          2. Fill them with Nutella and fry. Dust with sugar and if you like serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!!

                            1. I use an old NYT recipe that has a rhubarb-ricotta filling sealed between two wrappers, deep-fried, coated in cinnamon and sugar, drizzled with a spiced strawberry sauce, and served with vanilla ice cream. It's not the season, but delicious nonetheless. I can find and post the recipe if anyone is interested.

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                                Can you please send me that rhubard-riccota filling with won ton wrappers? Thanks so much - kathleen.silvestri@icloud.com

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                                  Rather than emailing, we hope you'll post the recipe here so everyone can benefit, thanks!

                                2. I've made fried brie with a raspberry dipping sauce. SO good.

                                  Make sure you cut the rind off the brie, wrap in the wonton, then fry in peanut oil. For the dipping sauce, just melt down some raspberry jam.

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                                    Those both sound amazing. I'm going to try the brie one this weekend. And forager, I would love the recipe if it isn't a hassle for you to provide. Thanks.

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                                      The brie wontons take only 30 - 60 secs to fry up, till they're golden. Just be sure they're sealed properly so none of the yumminess comes out.

                                      Good luck & enjoy.

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                                        I was thinking about some of these ideas last night and something occurred to me. In cases like the brie and nutella, would it be better to form them into portions then stick them in a freezer for a little while so they become firm and cold to prevent them from completely liquif(r)ying during the cooking?

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                                          I'm not sure about the nutella, but the brie holds up pretty well.

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                                      thanks this sounds amazing so excited to try it

                                    3. Cheese pockets. Fill with your favorite meltable cheese (I use either a cheddar or pepper jack) and some minced onion & jalapeno, wet the edges, fold diagonally, press the edges firmly to seal, brush with sesame oil and toss on the grill or a hot fry pan.

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                                        can some one tell me where to buy the wonton wrappers?thanks pat

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                                          You'll find it in the refrigerated section of your major supermarket (wherever the tofu happens to be is my experience) or the frozen section of your local Asian market. Easy peasey. :)

                                      2. Am I in the minority when I say that I do not like wonton wrappers used for ravioli? I think they're too thin and the texture is not the same as traditional pasta dough for ravioli.

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                                          so NOT a replacement for ravioli!

                                          I use it for catering (informal) when I want a neutral base for whatever is the 'thing" I'm presenting (and I follow previous posters about oil and salt to reduce the very prevelant taste of bad flour (what do they use?!)

                                          I also keep it in my ref for the veggies that are about to 'disappear' - chop, fill, freeze, ande use.

                                        2. take some cottage cheese and mix with a little Libby's pumpkin (pure), pumpkin pie spice and sugar. take a wrapper and put cottage cheese mixture down the middle. fold and pinch sides to close. heat a pan with pam or a little butter. put it in the pam to warm up and drizzle maple syrup on top. when you take it out of the pan you can also put whip cream or ice cream on it.

                                          another variation: instead of putting maple syrup on top, take pumpkinmix, sugar pumkin pie spice, a little maple syrup and mix together. thin it out with milk, cream or soy milk and a bit of caramel. pour over dish.

                                          1. Think CANNOLI. Wonton skins make one of the BEST mini cannoli shells. You will need cannoli tubes. Wrap skin around a tube, seal with water/egg. Deep fry until golden. Fill with cannoli cream or your favorite filling. You can also cut skins into strips/squares and deep fry to add to soups, just like the ones you get at the Chinese takeout.

                                            1. I press them into a mini muffin pan and bake off for about 3 to 5 minutes before they brown to much.

                                              In a skillet I brown sausage, mix in chopped red bell pepper, olives, and when almost ready add pepperjack cheese. Take this mixture out of the skillet, let it cool in a bowl, add some hidden valley ranch dressing, a little at a time as to not make it to wet. Fill each wonton wrappper with about a tablespoon of the filling and put back in oven with a little cheese on top of each until warm. You will have people lining up at your oven for more. The taste of these little appetizers will even have your tongue confused.

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                                              1. personally I find them to chewey for my tastes when they are baked.
                                                I've found that whatever I put inside is better to be fried, or boiled such as turning them into raviolli or tortellini. Stuffed with butternut squash, mushroom and cheese or whatever is your fancy, they work fine for that. Seal with egg wash though and don't have the water so hot its a rolling boil, it will destroy them. I found that out the hard way.
                                                For dessert, I don't remember where I saw this, but the idea certainly isn't mine. I wrapped bananas in them and then drizzle with my homemade carmel cream sauce and chocolate, then added chopped salted nuts. Its a fairly simple yet impressive dessert. Another thing is to add cinnamon sugar to the fried wontons for little ice cream toppers. If you make the fruit wrap, keep the bananas in your basket or a slotted spoon so you can remove them quickly.

                                                1. Fill them with a peeled and fork smashed blood sausage add a small amount of beef broth and mixe with finely chopped mint leaves, cilantro leaves and finely chopped hot pepper. Fry in canola oil and dust with sweet paprika. Serve hot with coctails.

                                                  1. These are addictive: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/gi...
                                                    Try adding bits of banana or peanut butter.
                                                    Make sure to eat these right away.

                                                    1. Mix together in a bowl the following: minced pork (or chicken), minced shrimps, chopped water-chestnuts, chopped cilantro, thinly sliced shitake mushrooms (discard stems first before slicing them, then soak in hot water for 1 minute to soften), a dash of sesame oil, a teaspoonful of cornflour, white pepper & a little salt. Drop a spoonful of this mixture onto a wonton wrapper, bring up the sides till you have a little pouch in your hands, using a strand of chive, tie up your pouch gently so the filling does not fall out while cooking. Then deep fry them in hot peanut or sunflower oil till golden brown. Drain on kitchen paper. Serve with chilli or tomato sauce. Great appetizers!

                                                        1. A beautiful first course or side dish - wontons filled with fresh herbs and edible flowers.
                                                          From the Kitchen Garden Cookbook:

                                                          2 tsp cornstarch
                                                          2 tsp cool water
                                                          herbs, edible flowers and or micro greens
                                                          14 ounces wonton wrappers

                                                          Blend cornstarch and water in a small bowl. Using a brush, paint a wonton square with mixture, Arrange herb leaves and or flowers over one triangular half leaving a 1/4 inch border. Fold in half and press firmly to seal. Trim edges with pastry wheel if you like. Cook in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Serve with melted butter or grated parmesan cheese.

                                                          1. i make southwestern shrimp "rangoons". cream cheese ,diced shrimp, cumin, chili powder, finely minced bell pepper and onion.

                                                            1. I love to make homemade raviolis with them take one wrapper and lay on counter fill it with a filling of your liking..i.e. ricotta, mozzarella cheese, crab, meat of your liking etc.! Wet the edges with a little bit of water place another wonton on top and seal...lightly fry or boil! Another great idea is SMORES!!!! Same as above except you can use mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows!

                                                              1. I recently made two recipes with wonton wrappers - one was ravioli which I filled with pancetta, ricotta and asparagus. I've used them for this purpose many times - they are fragile, but very light and allow the flavor of the filling to shine through.

                                                                The other is an appetizer - you use the wonton wrappers to make crisps - basically just cut the wrappers into triangles and fry them. Then I served a simple crab salad on top - just miz cooked crab meat, a little lime juice, olive oil, lime zest, and chopped celery. Also good with chopped cilantro in it - makes a fantastic and easy app for a crowd.


                                                                1. I did an armenian manti, it's somewhere on my blog. You can do a search.


                                                                    1. re: alliegator

                                                                      That looks terrific and I do a far simpler version that a CH in China posted a few years ago. Just take the shrimp, wrap in the wonton wrapper (if the shrimp are smaller, trim the wrapper so the tail still sticks out), seal with water, fry. Serve with the sweet chili sauce. I'm actually making these this weekend.

                                                                    2. Used to always make my samosa wrappers by scratch until an Indian hostess said, "shoot, no Indian I know makes 'em from scratch anymore"--secret was wonton wrappers. Have done the wrappers ever since!

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                                                                        Wow! I love samosas but never thought about making them. Very cool.

                                                                        1. re: c oliver

                                                                          Yeah, quick, easy, and delicious. I fry them, but have had decent ones baked, too, even in wonton skins.

                                                                      2. Cut diagonally, fry to crisp and lay around and on top of Chinese chicken salad.