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Sep 17, 2007 12:16 PM

Upper/Mid-Cape Dining Suggestions

My husband is attending a mandolin camp in East Sandwich from 9/28 - 10/1 and I'm tagging along to see the Cape for the first time. We'll have a car, so I can do some exploring while he's playing. I've looked at the boards and see lots of recs for Chatham and Provincetown, but don't really have a sense of how long it would take me to drive from Sandwich to either spot.

We're coming from Iowa, so fresh seafood is really our main priority. I'd be willing to drive if necessary, but it may be hard to get hubby to go much farther than 1/2 hour or so.

Thanks, Hounds!


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  1. I believe about 1/2 hour away is Mashpee, there you will find Bleu, Sienna and The Raw Bar (great lobster rolls).

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      I'd be surprised if the Raw Bar was still open, but they might stretch the season to Columbus Day. It might be a good idea to call ahead before venturing to Popponessett. 508-539-4858 But if they're open, GO. Truly an amazing lobster roll.

      Siena is very good. Went there this summer. Meditteranean cuisine, lots of fish on the menu, a couple of dishes were heavily salted but not so much that they were inedible. Good wine list.

      Too bad you're going to miss the Bourne Scallop Festival and the Wellfleet Oyster Festival.

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        Thanks, Hounds. I read these boards and drool over the lobster roll descriptions - that's definitely on the list. Sienna sounds promising, as well, as hubby loves Mediterranean!

        I promise to report back -


    2. Yes, The Raw Bar is likely closed. As the OP said, call ahead. For nice italian in your area, try Tomatoes, on Rte 130 in Sandwich. They are also known for their wine dinners which they run often in the off-season. Another good choice in Sandwich is the Daniel Webster Inn for nice New England fare.

      BTW, the drive to Chatham is about and hour and to PTown is somwhat longer. If you've the time, a ride down 6A to Orleans and beyond is well worth the time.

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        I was just at the Raw Bar over the weekend (Sept 16). Had the amazing lobster roll, which, if you asked for a couple extra hot dog rolls, would probably be enough for three people! It was chock full of lobster meat. Worth the $24 price tag.

        I think they are only open on weekends now and I'm not sure how much longer they'll stay open. Like others have said, call ahead.

      2. Maybe you'll find this helpful.

        It's a Mark Bittman article from last month about several restaurants on Cape Cod. I can't vouch for any of them, personally. In fact, I found your post by searching for Cape Cod restaurant recs, since I'm going to be spending a few days there soon myself. We live on the Boston's North Shore, and so are not very familiar with all that "the other cape" (and I do highly recommend a visit to Cape Ann sometime) has to offer. We were down there in June, though, and had a wonderful time. We had some good food, although I don't think we found the best--we were there for a wedding and others chose our meals, mostly.

        BTW, if you're into biking or rollerblading, Cape Cod has many miles of paved rails-to-trails paths.

        1. Hi Everyone - just wanted to give my brief report on our wonderful trip to Cape Cod. We stayed pretty close to the Sandwich area as hubby was tired after non-stop mandolin technique, but managed to eat well anyway.

          On Friday night we headed over to the Daniel Webster Inn - the main dining room was closed, but the Tavern was open and we had a tasty half lobster roll and cup of lobster chowder. It may not have been the best lobster roll in the area, but it sure gave me a taste of what we miss here in the Midwest! Very nice lobster chunks, a tiny bit of mayo and some herbs on a buttered toasted roll. And the lobster chowder was rich and thick with more good-sized lobster chunks and some other veggies. It was a great atmosphere - very friendly service and other customers! Both the Red Sox and the Cubs clinched that night, so it was a VERY fun evening.

          Saturday's dinner was catered through the camp - veggie lasagna and salad.

          On Sunday, we were both pretty tired, and even though the Raw Bar IS actually open on weekends, we opted to forgo the hour or so round trip drive and headed to the Bee Hive Tavern right on route 6A in Sandwich. Again, loved the atmosphere and the friendly "motherly" service. I had the baked seafood trilogy which was scallops, scrod and shrimp with sherry butter and cracker crumbs. The scrod was delicious and I could have eaten about a zillion more of the scallops (so creamy and flavorful) but the shrimp was pretty tough/overcooked. Came with a side of green beans that were cooked perfectly and some basic mashed potatoes. Perfect dinner with a glass of the Sauvignon Blanc. Hubby had one of the specials - pan-roasted salmon with chipotle aioli and lobster garnish (which turned out to be 3-4 large chunks of lobster claw meat) - he was in heaven!

          We loved the area (I didn't get to go whale watching because it was too windy on the day I had free and they canceled the boat) and I had a great time poking around the shops and historic buildings in the area. We're definitely planning a return visit next year.

          Thanks for the recs!


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            So happy to hear the Bee Hive mentioned. I haven't been there in five years -- it used to be where my husband and I took my daughter for lunch before dropping her off at camp. Sort of an old-fashioned kinda place, but we found the food good and the atmosphere comforting. I remember the fried scallops being real good.

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              Had dinner at the Bee Hive twice in last few weeks and was surprised at how good it was. We've eaten there many times in years past and it was always just 'okay'. The wife had a surf and turf the first meal....twin small filets cooked perfectly with two baked stuffed shrimp. I had the lazy lobster pie with a creamy sherry sauce. Nice fresh picked lobster meat and the sauce and crumbs were tasty. As the OP noted, even the veggies were well prepared, hot and still snappy. The second visit I had the swordfish special, encrusted with hazelnuts and an orange chutney. Cooked perfectly and quite tasty. Service was also quite good on both visits. Worth the visit for good New England fare!