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Sep 17, 2007 12:04 PM

Quick Dinner/Drinks before Wicked at Opera House

My husband and I are going to see Wicked next week at the Opera House (Thursday night) and were looking at a quick place to have drinks and food before the show.

-Someplace near the Boston Opera House that is fairly quick (we are driving from South of Boston so we need to park, eat and get to the show).

-Upscale bar area to sit

-Interested more in great appetizers than a meal.

Would prefer not to go to No. 9 Park. What else would you recommend in that area?

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  1. Try grabbing a seat at the bar at Teatro on Tremont Street. Great appetizers and wine and beer lists.

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    1. re: Northender

      Already some good ideas. I'll throw out 1 more..Bar at Blu in the LA Sports Club. I haven't been lately so not up to date on the food...has anyone?

    2. Be aware that the bar at Teatro is packed with people post-work and pre-theater. It is a great idea, but you might end up feeling really cramped.

      I quite like Montien for a quick bite - good Thai with an interesting "authentic" menu you have to ask for. Decent bar/drink options.

      Pigalle could also work.

      Troquet has a tiny little bar at the back of the first floor if you're inclined. Not much of a scene at all.

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        they moved the bar to the front, but it still feels isolated and weird.

        the bristol lounge is right there too.

      2. You might want to try Ivy restaurant on Temple Place - it is one of the cross streets off Washington towards Downtown Crossing from the theatre. They have tapas, a nice bar area etc. Here is the link if you want to check it out:

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          Thank you for the recommendations. I think we are going to try our luck with finding a seat at Teatro. Thank you for the reminder about Ivy Restaurant though. I had forgotten all about that place. We are in the area a great deal so we'll have to try some of the other recs here.