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Sep 17, 2007 12:04 PM

Two Bad Burgers at 3 Square

My girlfriend and I went to 3 Square last night around 6:30.

We split the pretzle burger and gazpacho. The gazpacho was okay but had too much vinegar for my taste.

We ordered the burger medium rare. Our server came back to the table after taking the order to confirm medium rare. About 20 minutes after the soup came out, our burger came out, looking pretty. I cut it in half and eyed the grey meat, sorely lacking any pink. I thought it may have been cooked medium. After two bites, it was clear that the burger was cooked to well done. There was no juice and the outside of the patty tasted burnt. The waitress came over and I showed her the burger and she apologetically took it back, not even trying to defend it. We wait another 15 minutes; still no burger. Our waitress goes to the kitchen to see what's taking so long and it sounds as if there was a miscommunication and our burger didn't get started. She comes over after this and says that she'll get us a treat. Finally, about 30 minutes later, a second burger comes out. I cut it down the middle and see some pink. I'm happy. I take a bite and it's good, not great, juicy but too charred on the outside. I don't need an all-over black crust on my burgers. After two bites, I am past the medium rare part and onto the medium well to well done portions of the patty. I take another couple bites and leave the rest, it being tasteless dry ground beef.
The restaurant was not busy. The cook that night has no clue how to cook a burger. They were both massacred and even at it's best right in the middle thickest part, the burger was above average but not in the premium I have to go again category.
The waitress didn't want to be here this night. Watching her interact with everyone that night made this clear.

The best part of the eating experience was the bread and butter. The rolls with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and sunflower seeds (separately) were delicious.

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  1. hmmm... that's too bad...

    i went there and sat at the communal table for lunch a few weeks back and had the best time! hans rockenwagner himself was at the table, shuffling paperwork and accomodating guests at the same time. i was a bit star-struck, but kept to myself and munched on...

    i had the mini sandwich sampler (chose the meatloaf, tuna salad, and shrimp grilled cheese), washed it down with a bottle sparkling lemonade (sonoma something? it was fantabulous!!!). i had a great time, the service was fast and friendly, and i vowed to return again to try the other stuff on the menu.

    maybe it was an off day? i still think it's a gem of a place in the area.

    1. Wow, must have been a different cook that destroyed your burgers, I had one mid last week that was so good that I took GF to 3-Square on the weekend and I had another! Both were cooked perfectly rare as I ordered them.

      1. I haven't had the burger, but the salmon is awesome.