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Sep 17, 2007 11:44 AM

Good chow in Fethiye area?

My wife and I are chowhounders from the Boston area who will be attending a wedding in Fethiye later this week. We will be spending a few days looking for non-wedding related activities and food. We've done a blue cruise out of TurgutReis in the past, and have experienced mediocre tourist trap seaside fare in Datca and Bodrum, was wondering if there are particularly memorable places in Fethiye and the environs that would be worth the hike?

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  1. I can actually answer my own question now. Frommer's and Rough Guide both had high praise for a place called Meğri, which is in the main shopping district in the middle of town. Rough Guide said that they had a batch of lunch specials that you can't find on any other menu in Turkey. The only things i saw that weren't on other menus were spaghetti bolognese and burgers and chips for the kids, and I don't think of either as much of a selling point. The food we had was flat out awful -- lamb kebap and a lamb casserole (güveç) both of which managed to be extremely gristly and fatty, yet had no flavor to speak of.

    As we were sitting at our table, we saw people shuttling back and forth carrying take-out plates to stall owners in the market. The food on the take-out plates looked much better than what we were having, so I looked at the backs of the shirts, and tonight tried a place called Paşa Kebap. Much, much better -- the place has a fairly wide variety of kebap, güveç, the standard zeytinyağli starter classics, all of it is very well executed. The house special (Paşa kebap) is the adana kebap type filling, rolled into pide, smothered in cheese and roasted in an oven, then smothered in yogurt. Yum. The waiter who helped us spoke excellent English, was very helpful, put together a nice starter plate for us, threw in some extra bread and booze on the house, and the way his eyes lit up just because I ordered a glass of raki was almost worth the YTL21 per head that we took to stuff ourselves goofy. Their web site, menu and other info is available on line at <>.

    Will add more, if I find more places worth reporting on.

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      Megri used to be good, too bad. Last time I ate there was 3 years ago. It was OK, but nothing to write home about.

      There is always the fish market where there are bring your own fish type of restaurants. You go to the stalls, chose your fish and take it to the few restaurants that would cook them for you for a small fee. Most restaurants will offer warm pide, drinks, salad and a few meze options as well; but the selections are limited. Again, this was years ago, but it was perhaps the most satisfying dinner I had over my 1 month visit. However, I don't know how much English they will speak.

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        I live in Gunlukbasi a suburb of Fethiye. Try the MOD restaurant in the marina in Fethiye - great fish and chips and a good value special at lunchtimes. Or try the 1880 Suat Restaurant along the beach road in Calis, past the Surf Beach Cafe and next on the left. We ate a great meze there last week and were told that a new chef is arriving to cook great steaks and also Chinese. Good luck. Maggie Machin (New member)

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          Did you find any other places worth reporting? I will be there next month, in Turgutreis, and would appreciate additional input.