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Sep 17, 2007 11:42 AM

Zhang sightings?

Maybe my memory is going, but I seem to recall reading someplace, whether here on Chowhound or elsewhere, a blurb where somebody from Atlanta was expressing envy that Chef Zhang was coming back to this area, after serving in several restaurants in this area and then moving to Atlanta. Does anybody else recall this, and if so, has anybody heard anything further?

On the one hand, I lose patience with these eternally wandering chefs, but on the other hand, if one of these guys does happen to roost temporarily in a kitchen nearby, I'm not averse to taking advantage of the fleeting opportunity for good chow.

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  1. Well I'm disappointed. I thought you meant Ziyi Zhang. I would go just about anywhere for her.

    Who is Chef Zhang? where did he work when he was here?

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    1. re: JonParker

      Peter Zhang. Worked at China Star, Temptasian, China Gourmet, switching kitchens every year or two, or so it seemed. Do a board search going back two or three years on "Chef Zhang" and you'll find plenty about him. Sort of like Edward Kim in Baltimore, in that he attracted rave reviews and a devoted following, but never seemed to stay in one place for very long. Chef Zhang bounced around NoVA, and Chef Kim seems to ping-pong between Baltimore and DC. Chef Zhang eventually left and went to Atlanta. After a typical interval, the rumor that prompted this thread hit.

      1. re: Warthog

        Just moved here from Atlanta, wasn't familiar with Chef Zhang until he opened up Tasty China in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta. He left that restaurant in march or april (don't remember exactly when), so don't know if he's coming back here, or what. It was excellent, though; the best sichuan (or any kind of chinese) I've had outside of SF.

    2. A post on reported in June that he was coming to Richmond. No further reports.