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Sep 17, 2007 11:39 AM

I have these beautiful baby eggplants...!

I've not cooked much with eggplant - let alone the pretty little baby ones. Found them at Saturday's farmer's market. Looking for something simple to do with them to accompany my coho salmon filets for dinner tonight. What do you suggest?

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  1. You might find this boring but I crave it. I slice them in half lengthwise, brush both sides with olive oil, grind salt and pepper on top and grill them. Sometimes I serve them with grated parmesan cheese. The aren't mealy and seedy like the big eggplant and they have a very sweet taste. I particularly like them alongside grilled fish.

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      I do something similar, but I quarter or halve them, chop up some zucchini sweet potato or red potatoes and red onion to the same size, add some baby portobellos, toss it all in olive oil, garlic, salt , pepper, marjoram and bay, and then spread it all on a cookie sheet and bake them at 450 till done.

    2. One of my favorite blogs just (as in yesterday?) had a recipe for exactly the thing -- tiny little baby eggplants. Sounds delicious. Here's the link...


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        Thanks for posting this link. With the ginger/soy it will go well with the salmon I'm making. One question though: What do I substitute for the I have none onhand? White wine? vermouth?

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          A sweet white wine may work, such as reisling. You want sweet, and vermouth really isn't. You could also use hard cider, muscat, or, even though it is dark, port (would be good, but maybe not with ginger)

          The best thing to do would be go out an get a bottle of sake, it would be good as part of the salmon marinade.

          Or leave out the alcohol and use sweetened unsalted chicken broth.

      2. I just made honey grilled eggplant the other night. The honey adds more to the crispy, carmelized surface and not so much a sweetness. You could also broil them (along with the salmon skin, yummy!). I used 1 recipe of her glaze on 2 medium japanese eggplants. I didn't salt them, as japanese eggplants are soft and not bitter - similar to your baby eggplants.

        If you wanted to tie it into your salmon marinade, you could add some ginger to the recipe, but I think it would complement your meal as is.

        1. This isn't a side dish, but is a great use for baby eggplant:

          We learned this recipe years ago, when shopping at a market that used to exist in Lodi, NJ...not sure if it does anymore. My grandfather was chatting up a little old Sicilian lady from Palermo (he was from the island, too), who was buying these, and she described this recipe. In my family, we call it "Lady from Palermo" sauce.

          Take 6-8 baby eggplants, and cut 4 slits lengthwise around the outside of the eggplants. Stuff each slit with a sliver of garlic, and a small slice of romano cheese.

          Saute in olive oil until they start to soften and begin to "deflate" a bit. Set aside

          In same pan, saute an onion, chopped fine. When that is softened and golden brown, add eggplants back, and enough plain tomato sauce to cover (homemade is great, but even a good jarred sauce works, since you are doing so much to improve it, anyway. Salt and pepper to taste. Then add a splash or two of red wine vinegar, to taste. You'll probably add a bit less than a 1/4 cup

          Simmer 45 mins to an hour. during the last 15 minute, add a handful of chopped fresh mint--don't cook too long, or you'll lose the mint flavor.

          Serve over spaghetti, with grated romano.