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Sep 17, 2007 11:21 AM

dinner for two

Looking for a nice, romantic recommendation for my fiance and I. Some of our favorite restaurants are Lavagna and August for both their food and ambiance. Any suggestions? We'd prefer something reasonably priced and something we'd have a chance of getting a reservation for this Friday night. And a good dessert menu would be a bonus since it's for a birthday dinner. Thank you!

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  1. How do you feel about Upper East Side? My wife and I went to JoJo a few weeks ago for a celebratory dinner and it was awesome. It's John George Vongetrain's first or one of his first restaurants in the city. It's continental food which was good and the space is a converted townhouse which is really romantic. My wife called it "upscale Parisian bordello" which I'm not sure I would entirely agree with, but it was a a really warm, inviting room with great service. It's also the home of the original molten chocolate cake which while endlessly copied and a little tired, was awesome. At least check it worked for me in the romance department.

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      Gramercy Tavern? You could eat in the actual Tavern part which is reservations but you can hang out at the really big bar. Perfect if the weather is cool

    2. Have you tried Red Cat? We were impressed by their food and service, and would definitely go back for a birthday.

        1. What types of cuisines does your fiancee love?
          I love Lavagna and August, myself!!

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            Hoping for Italian or Mediterranean. Moroccan would be good too. Ambiance is really important this time (he's going away on business for six months so it's our last night out for a long while). Hoping for quiet and rustic... Apizz sounds like a definite possibility... is the location really as seedy as all the reviews make it sound?

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              I highly recommend L'Impero. The contemporary Italian cuisine via Chef Michael White, who took over from Scott Conant, is superb -- actually, in my view, even better than Conant's. Service is pleasant and professional. The interior space has elegant decor and romantic ambiance. If the weather turns out to be as lovely as predicted, you might want to dine on the charming, romantic outdoor patio. While prices are not inexpensive, the $65 tasting menu is a bargain for cuisine of this high quality.


          2. In the romance department with great food, I always like Gascogne (8th and 18th). And the weather is supposed to be fine, so you might choose to dine in the garden in back.

            (imho, the most romantic tables indoors are the banquettes on the lower level.)