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Sep 17, 2007 10:29 AM

McVeigh's Pub Recs?

anyone visit McVeigh's pub at Richmond and Church lately? A bunch of co-workers want to go for dinner there this week. Last time I was there (circa 1970's), it was a little bit grubby. Any recent reviews would be appreciated

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  1. Still grubby! But a good place for quintessential tavern glasses of 50

    1. I've never been there for dinner, but I drop in for weekday lunches on a fairly regular basis. The place is indeed a bit grubby (not actually unclean, just shabby--the walls are tinted with the visual evidence of years of pre-smoking-ban patronage). The kitchen is competent, though, and turns out simple but tasty plates. (The salads are surprisingly fresh and good.) And the servers know how to pull a pint of Guinness, as you might expect.

      1. Group of six of us finance dist refugees had a reunion lunch there last month. Nothing has changed, which is part of the charm. My fish and chips were acceptable. Someone loved the club sandwich. The waiter was busy, but great. I've never had dinner there, though.

        1. grubby? yes. it also depends on who your kind of people are. it's mostly locals and irish ex-pats looking for a chat, a snack and a beer. staff are great. i really like the place...but its definetly not bay street slick....which is probably why i like it so much.

          1. I was there several years ago with an irish lass who knew the bartender / owner it was nice to know that it was his mom in the kitchen cooking.. good family type Irish food..