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Sep 17, 2007 10:07 AM

Capital Q Smokehouse in Albany

I drove past today and they were open for business so I went in to look around and grab a menu. John, the owner said they opened up last week. He's redone the old Emil Meister meat market (too bad vandals have already tagged the windows with acid). Menu items include chicken ("yardbirds"), St. Louis Cut pork ribs (Memphis or Kansas City style), roast pork, pulled pork, brisket, chopped bbq chicken, chicken fried steak, smoked ribeye steak, fried catfish, etc, plenty of sides like collard greens, mac and cheese, maple glazed sweet potatoes, hush puppies and "house cured spicy half sour garlic pickle". "Everything we smoke can be bought by the pound." They're at 329 Ontario St and the phone number is GET-PORK. Closed on Tuesdays. Friday and Saturday they're open from 11 am to 11 pm and 11 am to 8 pm any other days. No info on it yet, but the website is

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  1. I've also popped in for a menu but haven't had the chance to do a take-out order yet. It sure smelled good in there! They're right near Bros Tacos (for anyone who doesn't remember where Emil Meister was). He said they were open Mondays but closed Tuesdays to catch the Monday night football crowd. And please note that they don't take credit cards.

    1. Thanks for this tip - I have long lamented the lack of a 'cue joint in Albany. I like Chico's in Guilderland, but it's a 25 minute drive for me. I will check this place out soon. Is it take-out only?

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        I believe I noticed a few tables in there. It's not a huge dining area, though.

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        1. I went there tonight and got some Memphis (dry) ribs and a side of maple glazed sweet potatoes. I thought the ribs could have used a little longer in the smoker, as there was quite a bit of unrendered fat and they were on the chewy side. They were also somewhat lacking in deep smoke flavor IMO. However, I liked the rub, and they were very meaty ribs. All in all, I've had better ribs, but wasn't disappointed in these. A half rack was $10, and it was more than I could eat at a sitting even though they cut off the burnt end and kept it. I thought the sweet potatoes were very good. There was only one person working the front of the store, I assume he is the owner. He was a little overwhelmed as he was doing quite a bit of business, and some menu items were unavailable because he had run out. I will give him a couple of weeks to get up to speed then go again and try the pulled pork or the chicken. It is primarily take-out, but there are a few stools at a counter up against the window.

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            I went this week and had the brisket and yardbird(chicken). I thought that it was lacking in flavor and also in smokiness. I've had better bbq, even around Albany.

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              I went yesterday around noon. I thought that the carolina-style pork was awesome. Tangy flavor and not too sweet. Sides of slaw, mac & cheese, and cornbread were good too. I tried a sample of the chili & enjoyed that also. I'll be a regular in no time.

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                I went today for the second time and tried the Capital Q roast pork, which is described as Carolina style on the menu. It was pulled pork, mostly strings without much bark, in a peppery, vinegary, liquidy (non-tomato-based) sauce. I thought it was very good, though it could have used a little more smoke flavor IMO. They also had a South Carolina style pulled pork on as a special, and were saying that the Capital Q roast pork is North Carolina style. I liked the cornbread, the coleslaw, and the pickle spear - those and your choice of one other side are included with the plate for $7 including tax. In addition to the maple glazed sweet potatoes, which I had before and liked, they had sweet potato crisp, which is like apple crisp. I tried that and it was very good, though it was really more like a dessert item than a vegetable. This time they had two people working the front of the store and they were keeping up with their business, which seemed brisk. Seems like they're going to have rotating specials in addition to the menu items. I think I will be a regular customer.

          2. We got takeout from Capital Q tonight. We got a rack plus a half-rack of the kansas style ribs (wet) for my kids, a half a chicken for me, a pulled-pork sandwich (also in the kansas style sauce) for my husband. For sides we got the macaroni and cheese, collards, sweet potato casserole, rice and beans, and some hushpuppies. The general consensus was that it was ok, but everyone said they like Tex's Pig Pit in Cohoes better. There wasn't much smokey flavor in the meats, although the sauce was good. The mac and cheese was dry and not at all cheesy. I thought the collards were excellent, but I had asked if there was meat in them since I don't eat pork, and was assured by the counter guy that they were vegetarian, but discovered that there were chunks of meat in it and I can only assume they were pork. I think there was meat in the beans and rice, too, and it was pretty dry. The hushpuppies were tasty but a bit over-fried. The sweet potatoes were liked by some but not others. It's a convenient place for me to stop and grab dinner, so we'll most likely get it again, but it's not our top choice in the Albany area. Also, they had just raised their prices a day or two ago. So the rack of ribs is now $22 and the half rack is $11. The medium sides were all about $4. They had changed the prices on their boards but not in the menus.