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Sep 17, 2007 09:50 AM

Sacramento&Tahoe Trip-Reviews

Crush29 Sacramento (Roseville) - Given my requirements that the restaurant be easy to find off I-80 north of town, and that it be open after 10 pm...I think i was lucky to find this restaurant. It's just a little too bar-sceney, my husband called it a very, very upscale Bennigans. That was a little harsh, I'm sure. Our fried calamari was pretty good, and I had a shrimp/pasta dish that was not bad.

Big Water Grille, Tahoe (Incline Village) - Beautiful, beautiful view of the lake. There was an outside patio, but the wind picked up too much to utilize it. At first, when I saw the really expensive menu ($42 for the elk chop) and the fairly traditional preparations (all the specials came w/ some kind of flavored mashed potato) I feared the worse...resort food. The wines by the glass were limited and mundane, and when I asked the server if the Reisling was dry he said yes, it's dry...and sweet. *sigh* But we were pleasantly surprised. Everything was very nice quality. I had a goat cheese tart w/ arugula, figs, and ...oh no! cheese (cambozola) which I failed to notice in the description. I generally would rather eat a bug than blue cheese, but this was mild and the flavor combination w/ the figs was superb. My husband had a white bean salad w/ apple gastric and a piece of Nueske (sp?) bacon...fantastic.

My salmon with green papaya salad and lemongrass foam was a good piece of fish, well prepared, although not rare-ish as I specified. The salad and the foam were not flavor-dense, and were the only disappointments of the night. My husband had a pan roasted chicken w/ rice and a coconut/green curry was delicious.

Moody's Bistro in Truckee was the highlight of the trip, and one of the best meals I've had in a long time. I wanted everything on the menu, and finally settled with..

Chicken liver mousse and a cheese (forgotten) w/ rose petal jam. Delicious. Followed by an Heirloom tomato salad w/ Burrata. Three diff. heirloom tomatoes (really gorgeous ones) , each with it's own sea salt...Maldon, Red Hawaiian, something else. Massive pile of Burrata, which I had never tasted before, I'm in love. Good thing it was a big pile, my husband was loving it too.

Speaking of husband...he had the Tuna 4 ways, each better than the next, and some of the best quality raw tuna either of us has had in a while. He followed that with the Neiman Ranch Big Ass Pig Platter...trotters, coppa, loin, ham. All pretty good, but we were still dreaming of the bacaon from the night before. I had 1/2 portion of gnocchi w/ truffles and cherry tomatoes. Also delicious.

Moody's offers 3 oz pours and I took advantage. Notes to self: I don't like Gruener Veltlinger...doesn't matter how popular it is, or wonderful the server says a particular bottle is. Pinot Noir may be lovely, but I'll always prefer a red w/ more weight, like the Foley Syrah.

In N Out Burger - I don't really get it. What's to like?

Waterboy, Sacramento - Very good, I think my husband like it as much or better than Moody's. He loved his fried shrimp. I had the white anchovies (very good), and the ragu of tripe w/ polenta (never had tripe before. It was tasty in this prep, but it won't become a favorite.) Husband had the scallops (delicious) and we split an entree of chicken and herb ravioli w/ chanterells. There were some other specials that sounded great, as well.

My only complaints are about the wine. I was going to get a half bottle of Pinot and asked the server which of the two she recommended. She said I might as well get the one that was by the glass. It came in a small, non descript glass, not shaped as one might expect, and too small at the top to insert one's nose. Plus it was straight from the refridgerator. When I mentioned it, I was told they chill their reds slightly, like I was too dumb to know room temp doesn't mean 75 degrees. Upon request, the second glass was served in a decent one, and was at the correct temp.

Chocolate hazelnut creme caramel was excellent. Finally, a night w/out 20mph wind, we thoroughly enjoyed sitting in on the sidewalk.

Thanks to everyone who helped in my quest for far I LOVE eating in California.

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  1. I don't get it about In-n-Out, either. Just another southern california chain restaurant that people in Sacramento seem to love.

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    1. re: jennyo

      The truth is, when out of CA peeps come here they all want to eat at In and Out. And they rave on it.

      So whenever someone is coming from out of CA it is a first suggestions. Maybe it is the reputation or something.

      And it is much better than other fast food.

      1. re: jennyo

        Some people do not like fast food; some people do not like "thin" burgers preferring the "thick" style. Those people may not like In-N-Out. 90% of people I recommend In-N-Out absolutely love it, but nothing is perfect. I have tried burgers all over the United States, and still prefer In-N-Out. Many threads have been waged about the subject, but I still stand by the recommendation to all visitors.

        1. re: Sacto_Damkier

          Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the recommendation. It's fun to try something you've often read about, even it doesn't do it for you. Plus after eating oysters and tomatoes at noon, I realized my lunch had been 90% water right around and 3 oclock, and I was seriously ready for a bite of sustenance. Don't worry, we didn't waste a meal on it ;-)

          Another chain we don't have in SC is Peets. I've enjoyed their beans before, but that was my first trip to a Peets store (right next to IN N OUT on 80). Oh Yeah! I wish I could replace our local Starbucks w/ a Peets.

          1. re: danna

            I am glad you found a Peet's. It is a special treasure in California and much better than Starbucks. I appreciate their traditional small, medium, and large, and use of different beans for espresso and brewed drinks. Plus, they are much friendlier than the 'Bucks.

        2. re: jennyo

          Depends on what you're comparing it to. It beats all the other fast-food restaurants hollow.

          Is it the best burger money can buy? No. But it is by far the best burger you can get from a drive-through window next to an Interstate at midnight. The fact that they use decent ingredients and treat their employees fairly is icing on the cake.

        3. I think that Moody's is the place that Sir Paul goes when he is in Truckee. And the scallops are my favorite dish at the Waterboy.

          1. I think the strength of the In N out recommendations you got was largely based on the fact that it was one of the few spots open late on a night you were arriving late....IMO it is just better than average fast food, but sometimes when one is on the road that is what one wants........

            good to get a nice report on Moody's, will keep in mind for my next trip to Truckee...Thanks for the report!