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Sep 17, 2007 09:08 AM

Review - Ed's Lobster Bar

My SO and I had a great meal at Ed's Lobster Bar on Saturday night. Full disclosure - haven't been to Pearl's. Before we made a decision we did our exhaustive search on the board to find a mixed bag of reviews for both places. So we made our choice the only way we knew how - based on the beer selection! Ed's had Dentergem Witte on tap which was all we needed to know.

First, we were expecting a long wait but walked in a little before 8pm and got 2 seats right away at the counter. We started with the fried Ipswich clams which were delicious - breading wasn't too heavy and the tartar sauce was fantastic. We both had lobster rolls and they were exactly what we hoped they'd be - overflowing with chunks of lobster only barely dressed with mayo. And yes the roll became a bit soggy but that's the way it goes - you put something moist onto something dry and eventually it will get soggy.

Fries were good, and the pickles were nice and tangy. We also had a side order of one of the market vegetables which was roasted brussel sprouts with bacon. Absolutely delicious. Somehow we managed room for dessert and had the peach crumble pie which was a perfect end to the meal.

Would be fun to try Pearl's soon to get the comparison, but even without, I'd be happy going back to Ed's.

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  1. good review...i went to ed's back in august for the first time and thought it blew away pearl's and mary's. pearl's seems like its made hours before and shovelled onto a plate. i also felt rushed at pearl's and the service was very surly. mary's food is better than pearl's and much friendlier but i have little patience waiting for a table there.

    ed's lobster roll was the best by far...not a ton of mayo, great buttered roll, better fries than pearls...theyre thicker than shoestring.

    1. I agree - love Ed's. I love that I never feel rushed, even on a busy weekend night. Great beer selection, and I prefer the lighter touch with the mayo than Pearl's. I recently went to Pearl's to compare since it had been awhile since my last visit, and I found the lobster roll way to mayonnaise-y. Ed's also has great fried oysters with delicious tarter sauce with (what i think are) chunks of cornichons inside.

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          nope but even at primetime for dinner, i have rarely waited longer than 10 minutes for a table for two.

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            Ate at Eds about two weeks ago and my wife and I loved the place - exactly what we were looking for - fried calamari, caesar salad and lobster rolls - all great - got a table in less than 5 minutes - we were planning on going to Pearls but called them up before we got to the village and we were told there was a two hour wait!!!!

        2. I loved the lobster roll at Ed's, went there this summer, but I preferred the one at BLT fish. The place however is a little more trendy at Ed's. The service was also better at Ed's. I found BLT fish a bit on the stuffy side, but the lobster roll is excellent.

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            1. I was at Ed's Friday night and the food and service were good. Ed was in the house. I've been goign to Ed's over Pearl lately, not because of the food is better, because it isnt (Pearl's wins hands down), but it is simply easier to get a seat than at mobbed out Pearl's. Pearl's also has a better tasting wine by the glass.

              1. re: Ora

                I love Ed's. I took a chance a few weeks back and had dinner their with some friends and was really pleased with the customer service
                Ed was working front of house that night, and sent over complementary fried oysters when we had to wait longer than he told us. Our waitress was also top notch, and we loved the food. I'll definitely go back to Ed's.

                1. re: anna banana

                  I've had nothing but positive experiences at Ed's. I've only been to Pearl once and thought the lobster roll was great, but I like the atmosphere at Ed's so I keep going back-