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Sep 17, 2007 08:39 AM

Pops or Gaslight for a Bachelorette Dinner

Hi, looking for some place fun, reasonable and with good food for a Bachelorette dinner for 10 or so - Pops & Gaslight were on my radar (South End is prob our best location), what are thoughts on both for this type of event? TIA!

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  1. I guess I'd ask how rowdy a group of bachelorettes you expect to be. The atmosphere at Pops is a bit more sedate. You could scream the Hallelujah chorus at Gaslight and no one could tell, it's so loud there.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      Would Pops accommodate a group ok? I think I'm more interested in the Pops menu, it wouldn't be too sedate, would it? Also, does Pops have a bar area for a before dinner drink?

      1. re: Angel Food

        Pops has a "greenhouse" area in the back that likely could accommodate a party, but the bar is eating only save a couple of seats by the reception stand. It's not quite a party atmosphere. I've seen a couple of larger dinner parties back there, and I think that sedate might be a good word to use.

        Gaslight would likely be perfect for what you've specified so far. Also, don't discount the free parking if any of your guests are not within T range. Parking in the South End can get either expensive (valet or tickets and towing) or time consuming (looking for the rare and elusive open, legal space last seen on an episode of Spenser for Hire in the 80's).

        Two more options: Laurel and Sister Sorel (Tremont 647's other room). Both have a private room that can be used for parties, both have a great bar area complete with great bartenders, and both have similar styles of food to Pops.

    2. A friend had hers at Stella and it fit the bill perfectly for what you're talking about. Also consider Pho Republic, fun atmosphere for groups, tasty cocktails and apps...

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      1. re: Kbee

        Gaslight would be much more fun than Pops.

        The greenhouse at Pops would be perfect if you wanted privacy to make toasts,...etc., and if you wanted to be secluded from everyone else.

        I also agree with the Stella recommendation.

        One more I would add to your research is Toro. Great atmosphere, vibe and food to share. There are 2 "high top" tables that could accomodate your group, and you'll have much more fun there than Pops. Toro would be my #1 choice, followed by the Beehive for cocktails and hell raising. Have fun, and tell the bachelorette that it's not too late to smarten up and back out!!!

        PS- All of the South End recommendations in this thread are close enough to walk around and scout out ahead of time in one evening.

        1. re: XBG07

          PLEASE no more bachelorettes at the Beehive.

          I would recommend Pho. or the greenhouse at POps. but I think pho or gaslight would be more fun.

          I would also add 28 degrees, that big high top table would be perfect

          1. re: marthayou

            Good call @ 28 Degrees, I agree.

            1. re: XBG07

              28 Degrees is a good call. Very cool/trendy if that's what you're looking for.

              Otherwise I'd say Gaslight over Pops only because it's so raucous in there. Things could get a little rowdy and no one would notice...

      2. I would recommend neither and suggest Stella instead. Its the perfect place for a bachelorette dinner. In fact, i was there on saturday night and there was a bachelorette dinner going on.

        1. Between the two, I would also choose Gaslight. Pops is good but tiny and yes, more of small, neighborhood spot..that doesn't really have the seating for large parties (unless you go in that back room.)
          However, if you are opening up your options, I agree with others on the Pho Republique rec --food is good and it is a fun, lively atmosphere, plus they are great at accomodating large groups (and you can make a rez!) Stella is a good rec too if you're up for italian food and I think 28 degrees could also be fun (and they also take reservations, right?) So it really just depends the type of mood & vibe you're going for. Have fun.

          1. Hi Angel Food. Lots of good points from other posters. I'll just add that we did a group of 8 at Gaslight this past Friday, and the staff was amazing in helping us set up the special event, making us feel well cared for, and promoting a festive atmosphere. You can see my post about it here:

            The mamagement team there is great. I will definitley book groups/special events there in the future.

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            1. re: litchick

              Thanks for the comments everyone! Gaslight looked great to me, but I think the menu at Stella will suit the crowd better, so, that's what I booked.