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Favorite cold weather cooking?

i need some inspiration with some great recipes...i've been wanting to make some from scratch sauce and meatballs. what are your favorite things to make as the weather is getting colder that take time and make the house feel warm and delicious...

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    1. lasagna, pot roast, chili, white bean and collard green soup, chicken noodle soup with lots of veggies. But I live in Florida and it never really gets cold so we just crank down the AC and pretend ; )

      1. Roasts(beef, chicken, pork), stews(beef, lamb), and soups(chicken noodle, Navy bean, any cream soup, any chowder).

        Also anything cajun(jambalaya, gumbo, and Etouffee) .

        1. Beef bourguignon, chicken and dumplings, sloppy joes

          1. Pot roast!
            Roast turkey or chicken.
            Hearty soups.
            Baking bread.
            Baking cookies.

            1. I'm already getting back into "Fall" cooking. Love it!
              Rigatoni with meatballs. Recipe here: http://piealamona.blogspot.com/2007/0...
              Roasted lemon rosemary chicken (see pic


              Osso Buco
              Soups, soups and more soups!

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                Mmmmm... Osso Bucco. Definitely one of the first signs of fall in my household... those shanks are out and simmering as soon as the nights start to feel a little chilly. :)

                Actually, that also goes for any of those long-simmering dishes like beef short ribs and lamb shanks that fill the whole house with mouth-watering smells. Yum!

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                  Yum! Love your pictures monavano, the food looks delicious!

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                    Thanks! We have lots of leftovers to enjoy this week.

                2. Goulash, paprikash, roasts (chicken, lamb, pork) and vegetables, cream of garlic soup, gumbo, stuffed pork chops, anything with Paula Deen amounts of butter.

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                    Goulash, yes! Anything with paprika.

                  2. I just made a hearty vegetable - lentil - pasta soup and Dorrie Greenspan's chive cheddar cheese bread. I took a long walk this morning and it was FREEZING out. All I could think about was making soup when I got home. Fall is coming and I LOVE it!!

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                      ohhh i was just looking at the recipe for the chive cheddar cheese bread.... i forgot about gumbo! one of my fave things to make- a huge pot of gumbo, gets better every bowl

                    2. I just made some mujadara--lentils and caramelized onions. Usually it has rice or bulgar in it, but I left it out and it was still yummy. Love the smell of onions cooking and a little bit of cumin. Smelled like I was making something far more complex.


                      1. How I wish we were getting cool weather, although the hottest of summer has finally broken here in Florida. I was just about to post a question on people' s favorite soups to make, but I think that would fall in here too!

                        I just made an albondigas soup last night, which we love. It is a mexican meatball soup, and I serve it with corn bread or corn cake:

                        2 large boxes beef broth (I use organic w/less salt, so I can add kosher salt)
                        1 can pureed tomatoes or chunky tomato soup
                        1 small bag frozen meatballs (about 30 meatballs)
                        2 small zucchinis, shredded
                        1 1/2 cups fresh or frozen corn
                        kosher salt, red pepper flakes, lots of minced garlic, chili powder, paprika - sorry, I don't measure - then a little bit of cinnamon (about half as much cinnamon as chili powder)

                        I also love to make new england clam chowder (mine has sherry and a little crumbled bacon on top - yum!) and pot roast over mashed potatoes (I use small red potatoes, leaving skins on).

                        Tartiflette, I would love to get your osso bucco recipe!

                        1. Ham
                          Bean soup with the ham bone in it.
                          Pot roast

                          1. I had to think, I never know what my favorite is... it is usually whatever I'm eating.

                            I love to make French Onion soup on a brisk Saturday morning where I can really make the beef broth from scratch (sometimes I'll do this the night before) and then make the onion soup. Bake some bread, and put out some wonderful French Onion soup with oooozey cheeses. Float a little cognac or Sherry on the top. I've been known to add a little with each bite. I keep little individual pots of cognac or sherry by the soup to top off.
                            With a great zinfandel and and easy simple salad with a French Housewife salad dressing. I really love this meal!

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                              I adore wine in soup, especially french onion soup. I made a Williams-Sonoma recipe that calls for white wine, port (or is it sherry?) and vermouth.


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                                I'd like that too, I really enjoy taking a bite of hot onion soup with a bit of the soggy bread and the gooey cheese with cognac or sherry.MMMMMM! Who needs a cocktail!

                            2. I love Giada De laurentis beef and lentil soup, Cafe pasquals green chili and pork stew, and Rocco DiSpiritos mamas meatballs and marinara is some of the best I've had.

                              1. soups/stews
                                pot pies
                                Choucroute garnie
                                I love the chicken Paprikash idea, Thanks
                                lots of noodles
                                roasted veggies

                                This is my favorite time of the year.

                                1. Soft polenta with chickpea stew
                                  Roasted butternut squash with braised kale & garlic
                                  Cabbage soup
                                  Baked potatoes/sweet potatoes/plantains stuffed with veggie chili or daal
                                  Chestnuts - on their own, or in risotto with wild mushrooms

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                                    Wow, I wondered how far down in this thread I'd find polenta! For me, cool weather means only one thing: p o l e n t a
                                    Plus anything braised...

                                  2. Lasagnas of various sorts--last year I made my own lasagna noodles and made a butternut squash lasagna. :)
                                    French onion soup
                                    Spicy Curry-Peanut-Tomato soup
                                    Garlic Soup
                                    More soups!
                                    Grilled cheese and tomato soup with great sourdough and really good cheddar
                                    Vegetarian Pho

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                                      Italian beef sandwiches with pepperocinis and muenster cheese on an onion roll. It takes two days to prepare but is the only good thing about the end of summer!

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                                        How do you make your vegetarian pho? I've never tried, for fear of being too deeply disappointed.

                                      2. Foods I like to make in the autumn:
                                        corn chowder (with bacon, of course)
                                        chicken tetrazzini (family recipe)
                                        fettucine/pappardelle/lasagne bolognese
                                        mashed sweet potatoes
                                        apple pie
                                        "kitchen sink" cookies
                                        pumpkin bread

                                        Foods I like to make in winter:
                                        pot roast, or any braised beef dish with wine
                                        lentil soup, pea soup, chicken soup with tortellini
                                        polenta with a rich vegetable stew, such as mushroom
                                        baked macaroni and cheese
                                        fudge brownies

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                                          I would love to hear your recipe for chicken tetrazinni. My only memories of that are the Stouffers variety. Could you post it?

                                        2. If you want to make something divine from scratch, make Marcella Hazan's sauce Bolognese recipe. I tend to make this more in the depth of winter, though, when I'm stuck inside all day. The fragrance will drive you nuts.

                                          1. pot roast/brisket
                                            sweet & sour cabbage with apples, onions & cranberries or cherries
                                            mock stuffed cabbage [i make it as a layered casserole instead of stuffed rolls]
                                            wild mushroom ragout with red wine
                                            butternut squash soup
                                            chicken cacciatore
                                            chicken divan
                                            stewed dried fruit compote
                                            corn chowder
                                            meat loaf
                                            quickbreads & muffins with pumpkins, cranberries, pecans...

                                            1. My two favorite things to cook this time of year - butternut squash soup and apple pie - both with farm fresh ingredients. Cortlands picked the morning of making the pie can not be topped!

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                                                i love baking with arkansas blacks, too. ever tried them?

                                                1. i love to grill out side when it's cold, so i dont sweat like a ..well never mind that part.

                                                  1. Brussels sprouts

                                                    Butternut squash--got a great recipe for roasted wedges of butternut squash from Jamie Oliver's first cookbook. They've been a seasonal staple for years!

                                                    Pot roasts and stews.

                                                    And cavolo nero and white bean soup!