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Sep 17, 2007 08:09 AM

Roadside BBQ along I-95 (NC/SC/GA)


I’m from the north and say I do not know GOOD BBQ-lol. Soooo for the first time I’m driving down to Florida VIA I-95. Where are GOOD roadside BBQ off of I-95? We will be staying in the Savannah area for one night (so around there is good)

Thanks for any help.


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  1. You will be traveling through eastern NC on I95 which has its own tradition and style of bbq: slow cooked pork chopped and seasoned with a spicy vinegar sauce (no tomato involved). A sandwich typically comes with coleslaw. I don't know the joints along I 95 that well but I would take a chance on anything that looks interesting. There is a local chain called Smithfield's that has decent eastern NC 'cue. Be sure to enjoy it with some sweet ice tea. Just ask for "tea" and that's what you'll get.

    1. Fuller's in Lumberton is convenient to I95. This is in NC a little north of the SC line. I always do the buffet. This will give you a nice selection of southern cooking & NC style bbq!

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        I hit Fuller's last summer and it was an excellent mix of 'Q and southern food. I'd also suggest Wilber's in Goldsboro, NC. It may be a bit of a drive off I 95, but it's well worth it as the 'Q at Wilber's defines the eastern style

        1. re: Tom from Raleigh

          Wilber's is no longer the bastion of fine BBQ that it once was. The Q I had there last month was tired-tasting, mushy, and overly vinegary, as though it had been sitting for a while. The rumor 'round here was that they'd cut back to smoking just 2 days a week, which might explain that.

          Here's a link to my trip report, which also covers two places in Wilson, Parker's and Bill's . . . Wilson is just a hop-skip-and-jump off of I-95:

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            Whatever happened to the "Pork Palace" on South Saunders St. in Raleigh. It was near the Purina plant. My NCSU suite mates and I used to eat there at least once a week back in the early 70s.

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        1. Johnny Harris' is a Savannah institution. I've never tried bit, but when my mother lived there it was her barbecue pit of choice, and she knew 'cue. I've heard recently some comments that it was living on its reputation, but others say it is as good as ever. Probably worth a try.

          Other Savannah places that get a lot of favorable comments are Walls' and Angel's.

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            Johnny Harris' is more like 45 minutes or more from I-95. The food is good if you happen to be in Savannah, but I don't think I would classify it as "off I95".

          2. The Georgia Pig is right off 95, exit 29, in Brunswick GA. It's a small shack just past a fast food something or other. We stopped there this past May on a drive back to Boston. It was quite good.

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            1. re: griddlegirl

              i tried the ga pig a year or so ago. the q itself was decent, especially given that's it right off the highway. the sides, however, including the bun, were bad; obviously straight from the can/food service stuff.

              there's a bbq chain (sonny's? - i think it's a fla chain that has expanded into ga) that you start seeing signs for a bit before the ga pig turnoff. they have better sides, although they're still not great, than the ga pig. if i were going to stop at the ga pig again, i'd first stop at sonny's for sides, etc, then go on to the ga pig for the q. then make a picnic somewhere. i'm pretty sure you could get everything within a couple exits.

              1. re: mark

                Lot of folks turn their nose up at Sonny's because it's a chain. While I like to support the local mom and pop places, Sonny's is a good BBQ joint as chains go. We always stop and eat at Sonny's in the Brunswick GA area on our way down to FL.

                1. re: bbqme

                  sonny's q was ok, but i thought ga pig was a bit better, at least for the stores around brunswick. i've eaten at some of the older sonny's in fla, and the q was pretty good.

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                    In Brunswick the bast cue is twin oaks, but it is fairly far from 95. You can go around a mile north of Sonny's & find Allens which is superior to Sonnis or Ga Pig. If coming from the south get off at the sonnys exit & travel north past sonnys & Allens will be on your right. Go north from Allens to the light & take a righ & it will take you back to 95 next exit north.

                  2. re: bbqme

                    Sonny's may be my favorite chain resturant. That texas toast is awesome. I love Sonny's ribs. Never had a bad one. They been from good to excellent. Usually very meaty and certainly a good hint of smoke. I also like the fact that the ribs has a bit a a "pull" to them. I don't like fall of the bone ribs (never understood why people go nuts for fall of the bone ribs, isn't it over cooked at that point?)

                2. re: griddlegirl

                  ga. pig is ok. pulled pig OK, sausage greasy (and probably not made there or even in area...). stuff reheated. wouldn't go back. sonny's all vary. some are great, some not so great...

                  fuller's in lumberton was an awesome experience, and their fresh veggies this summer were tremendous!. actually of the meats/fish, the little stuffed deviled crabs were the absolute tastiest. i wish i had scaled back on even small portions of some of the other things, like the chicken or fried fish for those little deviled crabs thingies! even worth skipping the so-so desserts.