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Sep 17, 2007 07:58 AM

afforadable good coffee recommendations?

Hi ChowHounders!

I am looking to buy fresh coffee beans that are affordable $15-$20 a pound that is also great quality and in ManHatten. I appreciate your suggestions! Thanks!


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  1. Whole Foods has a great selection of coffee beans, IMO

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      thank you Leah! I will give it try, any specific kind you think is good?


    2. Both Fairway and Zabar's have excellent beans. I believe Fairway roasts their own and they have quite a large selection (incl. fair trade and such). That's where I go ... I get Sumatra beans. There's also a little shop on (I think) W70th called the Sensuous Bean. I used to go there and they had great stuff; but that was quite some time ago.

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        i've seen a bunch of negative reports here, but porto rico has never let me down.

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          I like Porto Rico. I've only been the the Bleecker St one, but I believe there are Soho and east village locations, too.

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            That is what I bring back to my ex-boyfriend when I go to NY. We went last year and he loved the coffee there. I went twice since my trip with him and brought him back Italian espresso both times. I used to buy him Calvin Klein underwear but he prefers the Porto rico coffee:)

            On top of it, it is way less than 15$ a pound!

        1. empire, 9th south of 42nd

          1. Balducci's (14th St. at 8th Ave) is running a special through September...2 12 oz bags of a variety of roasts for $10, and if you use the coupon which is often in the NY Times or the Villager ( $5 off $20 order), it comes to about $3.75 per bag.