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afforadable good coffee recommendations?

Hi ChowHounders!

I am looking to buy fresh coffee beans that are affordable $15-$20 a pound that is also great quality and in ManHatten. I appreciate your suggestions! Thanks!


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  1. Whole Foods has a great selection of coffee beans, IMO

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      thank you Leah! I will give it try, any specific kind you think is good?


    2. Both Fairway and Zabar's have excellent beans. I believe Fairway roasts their own and they have quite a large selection (incl. fair trade and such). That's where I go ... I get Sumatra beans. There's also a little shop on (I think) W70th called the Sensuous Bean. I used to go there and they had great stuff; but that was quite some time ago.

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        i've seen a bunch of negative reports here, but porto rico has never let me down.

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          I like Porto Rico. I've only been the the Bleecker St one, but I believe there are Soho and east village locations, too.

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            That is what I bring back to my ex-boyfriend when I go to NY. We went last year and he loved the coffee there. I went twice since my trip with him and brought him back Italian espresso both times. I used to buy him Calvin Klein underwear but he prefers the Porto rico coffee:)

            On top of it, it is way less than 15$ a pound!

        1. empire, 9th south of 42nd

          1. Balducci's (14th St. at 8th Ave) is running a special through September...2 12 oz bags of a variety of roasts for $10, and if you use the coupon which is often in the NY Times or the Villager ( $5 off $20 order), it comes to about $3.75 per bag.

            1. I swear by Orens which have 3 or four locations in the city- Ive been going there for 17 years and they are consistent and predictable

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                Porto Rico; Oren's Daily Roast; Trader Joe's; Fairway; Zabar's.

              2. Trader Joe's = the red foil New Mexico pouches, and their Ethiopian fair traded organic

                Does anyone in Manhattan sell Gorilla beans? Roasted in Brooklyn -- REALLY top quality

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                  Whole Foods sells Gorilla Coffee - that's a fave of mine, too. Gorilla Coffee's big claim to fame is that they come in 16 oz bags - a full pound, not 12 oz like Starschmucks.

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                    i buy it in the slope! definately recommended.

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                    i think Commodities Natural Market (1st Ave and 10th) sells Gorilla beans.

                  3. I get my beans for my morning coffee from Oren's, but then I'm also content to grab a cup of swill from a random deli after lunch for 75 cents, so maybe Oren's is what you DON'T want.

                    Most of their beans are more like $12/pound unless you get something like Kona or Blue Mountain.

                    1. Wow you guys are great! I went to Grand Central to get the Oren's Coffee. It was actually located in the Grand Central Market. It had it's own little counter, good service but the Coffee smelled really great. I bought the Sumtra, Chocolate (whice smells the strongest), Antigua and Nelvis. I can't wait for my boyfriend's b-day to try them! Thank you for your super help Chow Hounders!