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Grille Zone

Visited for the first time Saturday night. My impressions were similar to many other posters: Burger was excellent, very big (1/2 lb), cooked to order, very juicy, nice char, far superior to UBurger, roll was a little to large; fries, were tasty and fresh but as others have said, should be crispier. We had a long conversation with the Manager who said they are well aware of the fry problem and that they are trying everything to get a crispier fry; they are still working on it and may try switching the type of potato or even making a thinner fry. Two of us ordered cheeseburgers and a large order of fries (it was very large, more than enough for 2 people); bill came to $17.

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  1. I would suggest if they really can't produce crispy fries using their current constraints (oil or potato type, allowable temperatures and times) they could just go to a starch-coated fry system. It's cheating but crispiness is more important than purity.

    1. I tried a cheeseburger there last nite and wasn't wowed the way everyone else is (seems to be the way things go lately). I thought someone here said you could get a burger and fries combo for around $6 or 7 but it was $7.04 for a cheeseburger alone which seemed a little expensive. I didn't bother with the fries which was just as well cuz it *is* a big burger, so I ate the whole thing with nothing to distract me (which was an advantage this time). But something about the consistency of the meat seemed weird to me, very brick like. I told them I wanted it pink and said I thought that would be between medium and med. well, but there was no pink left in it. Good char, piping hot, grilled bun was good but as stated, too big, 2 pickles on the side. The space is very pleasant. I wish Flat Patties wasn't quite so flat cuz I think that's my favorite of that style joint that's opened fairly recently.

      1. I tried Grille Zone a few weeks ago and wasn't thrilled. The grilled chicken sandwich was just ok (nothing like the grilled chicken at UBurger). Fries were meh too.

        I do, however, love their green concept. I talked to the manager a bit about this, and he said that trash gets picked up every other day and taken to a big composting facility. Within a year, today's waste will be fertilizing someone's garden... pretty cool.

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          Any recent reviews or comparisons with the newly opened Flippin Burgers in Newton Centre?

        2. Is Grille Zone counter service or waitress service? Also, do they have a menu on line anywhere? Thanks.

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            Counter service. They have a website, there might be info on there.

            1. Just tried my first Grille Zone burger, and I was impressed! As others have said, a beautifully cooked-to-order burger (medium rare, in my case), very fresh LTO, bun a bit too big. The fries were crispier than I expected based on reviews. They are certainly better than the soggy potatoes they offer at Wild Willy's. The lime rickey was nice and tart, but at the same time too sweet for my taste. Looking forward to returning.

              1. Maybe we should put together a concerted effort to convince them to 86 the fresh fries. Then they could switch to the same frozen crap that 98% of the other places use. Fresh fries are never going to be real crispy. They sure do taste 100% better than any frozen fry.

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                  The fresh fries at UBurger are pretty crisp and delicious but there burgers are just so-so.

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                    I agree about the U-Burger fries. I also found the Grille Zone fries fairly crispy for fresh fries. All Star Chili Cheese Fries are not at all crispy but very good. As long as they are fresh not frozen I don’t mind if they are not crispy. Everybody (98%) uses frozen. There are a few places (2%) that are making an effort to have a better product and use fresh. Its extra work and hassle. If they are told their fries are not crisp often enough they will switch to frozen. I have seen it happen more than once. Then we will be down to (1%)….NOT GOOD!!