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Sep 17, 2007 05:48 AM

Bournemouth - Upscale Restaurant for Client Dinner

My husband does a lot of business with a US bank with offices in Bournemouth, and wants to travel there in December to take them out for a pre-Christmas thank you dinner. Price not an issue, but excellent food and ambiance/room is important. I did a quick search on the board and came up with a recommendation for this place:

Wondering if there are any options in Bournemouth itself. I found this place just by googling - wonder if any one has heard of it/tried it?

TIA from a Manhattan 'Hound.

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  1. WestBeach (seafood) just got a good review in the Times and looks pretty nice...

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      Thank you - I'll look into it - I appreciate your help.

    2. If the group is willing to travel just a bit, there's a good restaurant in the New Forest. It's called The Thatched Cottage and has food we enjoyed quite a bit. The website has the menu and prices - pretty reasonable, especially for lunch.

      1. Hello,

        I am from Bournemouth and haven’t heard about these Restaurants. A great option would be the <a href="" target="_blank"> Highcliff Grill Restaurant </a> at the Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Hotel. They also have a superb private dining room, the Signature Room.

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          Vinny - your reply may be a little late. The OP is from 2007.