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Sep 17, 2007 04:49 AM

Ouest (Review)

On Friday my husband and I decided to head downtown for an early dinner, but after crossing 86th Street to the UWS it occurred to me to see if we could get a table at Ouest, since it was just after 6pm. We've tried to go before - but they only serve brunch, not lunch, on the weekends and we'd not been able to get a last-minute dinner reservation in the past. I stepped in and was told it would not be a problem, and so had a (huge) vodka martini at the bar and some conversation with what appeared to be regulars at the place, while my husband found a parking space.

When they seated us I realized that I had no idea how large the place is, and what a lovely room - soaring ceilings, red banquettes etc. My husband ordered a Bitburger and we were immediately brought some incredibly crusty baguettes and a very tasty chickpea puree with olive oil and basil (I think basil). That disappeared very quickly and we were immediately brought another one. We ordered a bottle of Vecchia Storia Barbaresco ($60) and ate:

Goat Cheese Ravioli with Tomato, Pancetta & Basil ($13)

Frisée, Lardons & Poached Egg - it was a special and had something else on it that I don't remember ($14).

Stewed Honeycomb Tripe with Red Wine, Pancetta & Onions ($26)

Roasted Farm Raised Sturgeon with Seasonal Mushrooms, Soy Beans & Truffled Carnaroli Rice ($30)

The food was all absolutely delicious - my husband raved about the tripe all weekend. The place is expensive - $162 for two us (not including my cocktail or tip), but definitely worth it and a great dining option on the UWS. Service was excellent.

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  1. great review. ouest is seriously underrated. i have had so many wonderful meals there when i lived on the UWS. i haven't been in years as i live in TX now, but you just reminded me how much i love the ambiance there. the space is gorgeous during the day for brunch. brunch is quite expensive for $28, but i remember the fresh bread basket they bring to the table and the flash fried poached egg served with duck breast. truly excellent!

    1. OMG!!! Thank u MMRuth for letting me know they have tripe stew!!! My favorite! I know your husband is Latin so he must have enjoyed and I know you are somewhere in my nabe in Carnegie Hill cause u are on my radar as a great source of knowledge-i feel we are old friends!! Hope to run into you one day as we like the same things!!

      1. "Frisée, Lardons & Poached Egg - it was a special and had something else on it that I don't remember.."

        Mmmmmmmm. The "something else" was thin slices of smoked sturgeon, wrapped around the mound of salad greens. When we told our waiter how much we enjoyed it, he said that particular salad is one of Tom Valenti's signature dishes. I can't wait to go back.