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Sep 17, 2007 04:33 AM

Favorite restaurants in Tribeca

Looking for great food - great ambiance - and moderate priced restaurant in tribeca for next weekend - any suggestions from the hounds??

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  1. i enjoy bouley upstairs for the money...though its incredibly cramped. not as good as bouley proper but a decent nyc night out. petite abeille isnt outstanding but its solid for bistro food on west broadway...odeon is still a fun scene after all these years but the food is overpriced in my opinion. walker's on varick is possibly my favorite bar in manhattan and they have great pub food. bubbys i still find myself going to. these days, i prefer dinner on a weeknight there than weekend brunch which is crowded, lame, overhyped and just not enjoyable anymore. there's a outpost of max now on greenwich i think but i havent been. if its like the others, its very heavy italian but also quite good and cheap.

    1. Blaue Gans, Nam, Bouley Upstairs, Harrison, Fresh (though this may be at the upper end of moderately priced)

      Petit Abeille is fine for brunch, but I wouldn't recommend it for dinner, unless you are going for the great belgian beer

      1. My favorites are Blaue Gans and Upstairs