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Sep 16, 2007 10:41 PM

Help! North York/Midtown Restaurant Rec, dinner for 16 Monday

I have family visiting from Hong Kong and we are a group of 16-17. At first they were going to reserve at Wok on Yonge, but I wasn't impressed with their menu so they nixed that. David Duncan Steakhouse was another suggestion that came up but I'm underwhelmed by their menu. We are now in search of a restaurant open on Monday near North York or Midtown that is easily accessible via TTC yet hopefully has parking nearby, moderately priced, and with some type of steak dish as a main course. Any suggestions anyone? My only thought right now is Quince. Thanks in advance for all your help!

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  1. Oliver and Bonicini in Bayview Village...right on the TTC line and has a varied menu.

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      1. Look into Meating Place @ Yonge/Eglington. Al la carte sides, casual - open on Mondays; not too sure.

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          Meating Place is currently being gutted and going to be transformed into another restaurant.

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            Wow, no kiddin' this being done by same owners??
            Quince would be nice, another thought would be the Monkey Grill. They seem to have something for everyone.

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              Allow me to recommend the Miller Tavern on Yonge just south of York Mills subway station. It has its own parking lot and, if that's filled, there's a city lot right next door. It has a nice setting on the edge of a park and on Monday, ordinarily a slow night, it could easily fit your gang in the upstairs dining room. The food is good - especially one steak at about $27, which I invariably order - as is the service by an enthusiastic young staff. Not great food - certainly not as good as Quince - but decent enough, and moderately priced. An added bonus, $1 corkage on Monday nights.

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                Miller certainly has some aspects to it but, I wouldnt recommend it for a chow experience. How about Herbs on Yonge just north of Lawrence?

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          1. Thanks for all your recommendations. Though I would have much rather dined at Quince or Oliver and Bonacini, we ended up at Day and Night Firewood Steakhouse, a chinese run steakhouse. For what we got it was a good deal, and the food okay. Had a salad with seared tuna which was quite nice. The tuna was seared rare, although my salad happened to be overly dressed and a little overwhelming. Had an 8 oz portion of rack of lamb (about 4 ribs) cooked medium rare. It was cooked perfectly, juicy and flavourful. The vegetables were however room temp, and the "gravy" obviously wasn't homemade. Tried the grilled striploin which was average, not my favourite cut of steak and it also wasn't seasoned. The grilled rib eye was a much better cut of steak.