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Sep 16, 2007 07:18 PM

Gold's in Westport

Can someone please explain to me the appeal of this place? We took Gramma here for lunch today. What a mistake! Do they even prepare anything there from scratch? We ordered the split pea soup - it was fine but could have been Tabachnik. We ordered a couple of pastrami sandwiches - little pieces of pastrami that were sort of browned over like it had been cut hours earlier, served on thin not-so-fresh rye. The potato knish tasted like it went straight from the freezer to the microwave. To Gold's credit, the cole slaw and pickles were delish, and Gramma's white fish was succulent. But the entire meal was served on paper plates with plastic utensils, and I had to drink my Dr. Brown's Black Cherry out of a dixie cup!!! What draws people to this place?

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  1. Welcome to FFD county, CT.

    Anyone who has eaten in a jewish deli in NYC or NJ will try it once or twice and have the same reaction and then just stay at home and cry remembering what a real pastrami sandwich tastes like.

    The appeal is it is the best around but it still stinks.

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      Jfood, you hit it on the head. I grew up in FFD and even went to school in Westport for a while. The last time we went to Gold's had to be at least 15 or 20 years ago, and we figured it had to have improved - how else would it have stayed open? Alas, we were sooo wrong. I am amazed that there were so many people there that appeared to be regulars. Go figure.

    2. I think it has gradually gone downhill. There is some local history to it, the original owner sold it. I think his name was Julius Gold.

      If you want decent deli head up to Reins or to NYC. Stick with the eggplant parm sandwiches from one of the local italian deli, sprinkled like hot pepper flakes throughout Fairfield County.

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        1. re: Nikki NYC

          Reins is in Vernon CT, about 10 minutes north of hartford- right off of 84 at exit 65? vernon center. also mediocre but passable jewish style deli. growing up jewish in fairfield county, i never ate "jewish" style deli there. quite the opposite, you eat tref deli in ct- go up the post road a few miles from gold's to S&S dugout and get a rare roast beef sandwich- superb... gold's is ok, but S&S is spectacular. not kosher in any way though... enjoy fb

          p.s. and for that matter, go to Coffee An' Donuts in Westport- spectacular deli and the best donuts for hundreds of miles around... chocolate cake donut... deadly...

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            Frank, on the subject of Westport, do you know anything about a place called Onion Alley?

            1. re: Dim Sum Diva

              Onion Alley closed a couple yrs ago, which was too bad.

              It's now Bobby Q's. I haven't been there though.

      1. I agree - not sure what the draw is since it's certainly not the food nor the decor. What's worse is the little canisters of mustard on the table are crusty - ugh. Is it just me or does anyone else think it's a health hazard to have those communal mustards?

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          I hate the communal mustards! I always ask them to bring me a packet. You never know if someone dipped in a dirty utensil...

          My dad commented, and I agree, that the Gold's "decor" seems like the place could pack up and leave at a moment's notice. The place is like a stand that was moved indoors!