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Sep 16, 2007 06:51 PM

Best hotdogs in MTL

It seems that Montreal is not known for their hot dogs although some may disagree... I've been in search for a good dog around town, but have found nothing so far. Having visited NYC with the likes of Gray's, Papaya King and Nathan's, there doesn't seem to be anything comparable in Montreal.

I'm sure there are a few devotees of the Montreal steamé or toasté, but in my personal opinion, they're tasteless franks that offer nothing more than a particular soggy texture that one can enjoy only if we were brainwashed from being in Montreal for too long.

Is there something better in Montreal?

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  1. I definitely say costco - they're still using sinai right? The OJ, ive recently discovered has improved - plus they now have cayenne as a condiment which is pretty sweet. Of course nothing beats sausage at the JT market. Wilenskys, if i remember correctly (it's been a while) has a good one. I've always had a soft spot for snowdon deli's. Toaste is always better than steame in my opinion.

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    1. re: celfie

      Costco has not had Sinai Kosher for a couple of years. I am anxious to try Moishe's Angus hot dogs available sporadically at Costco and also on the menu at their new venture M;brgr on Drummond.

      1. re: eat2much

        Are any of the strictly kosher hotdogs available from Kosher butcher's in Montréal any good? Years back, the only hotdogs we bought were from an old kosher butcher in Outremont who made them himself, but he'd have retired or died by now.

        1. re: lagatta

          The IGA I go to serves a rather large Jewish population and they have a selection of all beef, smoked kosher hot dogs. I buy those for my son who has discovered he likes hot dogs. They are double (or more) the price of regular hot dogs, but the quality is superior.

        2. re: eat2much

          It's unfortunate, but Costco no longer serve Sinai. I think they're using Olympic brand franks and they're nowhere near as good as the Sinai Kosher. I've tried the Moishe Angus, and unfortunately, they're just ok. Really nothing special...

          Dinner franks are good, but I'm looking for natural sheep casing hotdogs. Probably in the 7-8 dogs to a pound range. They have a snap that is so addictive!

          1. re: jbbank

            i guess its been a while - but those sinais were the best hotdogs ever

            1. re: jbbank

              Nathan's hot dogs are what you're looking for, I believe - you can buy them at the Price Chopper in Plattsburgh and sneak them back here (not that I'd ever do that, of course...). And you can pick up the Sinai Kosher at the Costco in Burlington (ditto).

              1. re: cherylmtl

                I don't think I'll make a trip just for that :) No matter how good they are, they're still just hot dogs. Maybe I'll pick some up next time I'm in the US and bring it cross-border. I'm not clear on the laws, but I think I read somewhere that importing 10lbs (or less) of meat from the US is legal for personal consumption. Does anyone have any info on this?

                On another note, I found Snowdon Deli to carry National Hebrew hot dogs. They're crazy expensive, $9 for a 3/4 lb package. They come in regular, large and jumbo sizes. Sinai's are good. Really good even, but I think National Hebrew, Sabrett and Nathan's are better. The latter 2 being better than NH because I like the natural casing. Sheep casings are apparently not kosher.

                1. re: jbbank

                  I've asked at the border and I'm told it's legal to bring meat into Canada that is USDA approved. So presumably if it indicates that on the package you'd be fine. I've brought meat in before.

                  On a different register, we think the hot dogs at Lester's on Bernard are pretty good.

          2. re: celfie

            Sinai Kosher dogs haven't been available in Canada for a couple of years(they weren't allowed in).

          3. Chez Ma Tante Fleury and St-Michel blvd. in the north east end of Montreal.

            I grew up on the stuff, my Pepe took me there when i was but a wee one. Their hotdogs are either steamed or grilled, great cole slaw, thin onions. The fries are to die for. Poutine as well, tangy sauce with loads of cheese.

            Just a pick up counter, no seats there. Beware of the rush during meal times, but a MUST try if you are ever in the area!!

            1. If you want to try something atypical of the usual Montreal steamed dawg try Dic Ann's.. They split them and then put them on the griddle (I refuse to use the term grill for Griddle). serve them with their spicy sauce and they are pretty darn good.

              But if you want to take a 35 minute drive to Champlain, you will be blown away by the Michigan's at the Borderview Grocery store. I kid you not, I have been eating the BorderView's Glazer Michigan's for years and these things rock. Firstly, the Glazer dog is an iridescent red cased dog, with a distinct snap and a great taste. The Michigan sauce is a Gooley family recipe, and is not your standard powdered slop with TVP and water. This stuff is all meat and all flavor. You can buy the stuff by the bottle from them. It is worth every penny.

              I take them plain, but they like to make them with Mustard and onions.

              A second best spot is Gus's near Pointe au Roche, They have a good Michigan sauce, of similar style to Border view, but a bit more greasy, and not as good a dog.

              If you really want something interesting, you need to be a bit more comitted and do a 4.5 hour drive to Flo's in either Cape Necedic, or Kittery Maine. 89to 93 to the 102 to highway 1. I do it every year. 3 Flo Dogs (Flo's Onion relish, Mayo and Celery salt with a soft open top roll and a soft and porky open ended boiled dog).... yum. If you want the recipe for Flo relish PM me.

              I digress, try Dic Ann's there is one near Downtown now on St. Jacques just between Decarie and Cavendish, next to Via Route....

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              1. re: fedelst1

                I've eaten at Dic Ann's for most of my 32 years on this earth. Always the burger with chili like sauce, but never the hotdog. I've ordered it for others when i take it home though. I guess next time i leave LA for Montreal i will give them a shot.

                For now i will be happy with my cheeseburger from Tommy's in LA that, even though a bit thicker, tastes exactly like a Dic Ann's burger...yum!

                1. re: GenevieveCa

                  Yes, the Dic Ann's sauce is legendary, and many consider it unique, but it is actually typical of Michigan sauces throughout the North East. I have found a number of recipes for the sauce, yet, I am told that to get the right consistency it has to be frozen and thawed before adding the final ingredients.

                  Sometime technique is instrumental is of equal importance as the ingredients in attaining the desired results.

                  1. re: GenevieveCa

                    Here is an offer....

                    I head to Champlain Ny. a couple times each month. As I had stated in my earlier posting, the Michigan sauce from Borderview is way up there, as are the Glazers red skinned dogs (nice Snap and great taste, despite the artificial red colored casing). The Borderview bottles their sauce for sale at the Borderview and a few other retailers. See

                    If anyone in Montreal would like some dogs or sauce, drop me a line and I will bring you some up on my next trip.

                    The sauce is $3.99, and the dogs are by weight.

                    1. re: Jorzak

                      Where are they available? I live near Jean-Talon market, so Mile-End kosher establishments would be handier than ones in Hampstead or CSL.

                      1. re: lagatta

                        I think they are available across the border in the US.

                        1. re: BLM

                          I have never seen Aarons in Champlain. They Have most major brands, Sabrett's, and Glaziers Red Hots. I will take a look next visit.