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Sep 16, 2007 06:21 PM

Restaurants in Venetian - what's recommended?

We won't be going for a few months, but I want to be prepared. We are staying at the venetian. Should we eat there or go elsewhere? I'm up for almost anything except Thai or Indian.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. B&B is there-Mario Batali's new restaurant and it is getting rave reviews

      Delmonico is wonderful, great steak and sides to match. Loved it, would go back

      1. Bouchon in the Venezia Tower. Fabulous food without all the pretentiousness that is rampant in Vegas. Personally, I think the food is some of the best in town. Make sure to have oysters from the raw bar, the foie gras torchon, and give the daily specials a heavy thought - Chef Mark Hopper puts every ounce of energy he has into them.

        Highly recommended.

        1. Delmonico is wonderful, indeed. As is Bouchon. Even their cafe stand just beyond the casino floor has great stuff--the chocolate eclair, especially, as it is filled with deliciously rich (but light) chocolate.

          I also rather enjoyed Batali's other restaurant in San Marco Plaza (at the end of the shopping mall section) for their salted caramel gelato and pancetta pizza.

          I never got a chance to venture beyond the hotel last time I was there, but I hear Bobby Flay's Masa is surprisingly tasty.

          For a more comprehensive look at my most recent Venetian expedition, check out this thread:

          Enjoy your trip!

          1. My wife and I have eaten at Postrio a couple of times. Very good both times. We ate 'outside' on St. Marks Square. We ate at David Burke last labor day weekend. I would not recommend this place at all. Service was terrible (never saw waiter from the time he took or order until he brought the bill), my wife's steak was overcooked and underseasoned, and my sea bass had no flavor.

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              I have had great experiences at Postrio too - I would recommend sitting "outside" too - and consider it for a late lunch or afternoon early dinner. The pizzas are great as always and sharing a few starters (mussels are good) or salads (any are good)and the pizza, with a carafe or bottle of wine can be affordable and relaxing.

              Or, of course, you could eat there for dinner. In that case I would recommend the chef tasting menu.