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Sep 16, 2007 05:29 PM

Problem with Alton Brown's Apple Cake Recipe

I tried baking this recipe found in "I'm Just Here for More Food" and it turned out like pudding. The ingredients and technique are all the usual, but the cake is supposed to be baked at 275F for 1 hour and 45 minutes. The cake is supposed to reach an internal temperature of 212F. I'm wondering if this is a typo. Anyone have any info on this?

I'm also looking for a nice fresh apple cake recipe.

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  1. if it's the "cinnamon apple cake" recipe that contains cream cheese, it's supposed to bake at 350.

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      no, it doesn't contain cream cheese. It just contains butter, sugar, eggs, flour, spices, apples and nuts.

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        hmmm, i don't know then. but that temp does sound awfully low. i'd try making it again and baking it at 325 or 350. just check it every so often after about 45 minutes to see how the internal temp is coming along.

    2. Too low temp! I don't know the recipe, but generally cakes are baked at ~ 350, for 30 or 60, 60+ mins., depending on batch & pan size... Try epicurious, the recipes I have gotten there have been mostly ok.. The one I make alot is similar to the one in Yankee: recipesearch'sourcream apple coffeecake. Good luck.

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      1. re: genie

        Thanks, I will try the recipe at that temp. I guess I was hoping that there was a place where recipe typos might be posted, or that perhaps that Alton Brown would post the corrections himself :)

        About the Sour Cream Apple Coffee Cake: it sounds delicious, but I couldn't find the recipe on the Yankee Magazine site. Is it possible to type out the recipe?

      2. There is a recipe for Apple Sour Cream Steusel Cake on have not tried this one, but it is similar to my very successful version of the Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake from Southern Living...sometimes I sub apples for my blueberries and it turns out well. also has recipes for an Apple Stack Cake done with dried apples. One thing to remember..all cakes do not bake at 350 degrees. For example, pound cakes bake at 325 degrees for most of them..I have even baked them at 300 degrees from a cold oven. If you bake a pound cake at too high a temperature it will dry out in a hurry and the crust will be too brown (if not burned!)! Many of the streusel cakes and bundt pan coffee cakes bake at 325 degrees. You want to avoid over browning while still getting the inside of the cake done. A lower temp allows the crust to brown lightly and gives it that sweet crunchy texture. Most layer and sheet cakes do bake at 350 degrees though. The best advice is to always check the baking temp and time on the recipe..most often the lowest listed time is correct, although I have found some that I have altered due to the ingredients. You may also want to pick up a oven thermometer and check to see if the temperature of your oven is calibrated correctly..if not adjust the setting to reach the desired temp. This is a common problem and causes many a dry cake. Good Luck!

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          Thanks for the information. I found the recipe for Apple Sour Cream Streusel Cake. I can't wait to try it out.

        2. You know, after your post I did a google search on numerous words to see if there was a place AB listed his book corrections. I found very little, excepting a fan site that listed a few. There was no mention of the apple cake, though. The reviews of his books on Amazon say they have a LOT of errors, so it's pretty disappointing he doens't list them on his site.

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            if there's an e-mail link or a way to post suggestions, you should. i know if it was me, i'd appreciate the heads-up so i could correct the errors...

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              There isn't, or not that I could find, or I would have.

              1. re: amyzan

                Well now I know. Thanks. I'm probably going to bake this apple cake at 350F and see what happens. What I really appreciate is all the recipe suggestions. I have added and Southern Living to my favourites list. I read the review and scribble the suggestions. This is so helpful.

                1. re: ajlm

                  I just fired off an email to the publisher of "I'm just here for More Food" asking to be directed to an errata page. I'll let you know what happens.

          2. I make a very simple little fresh apple cake from Betty Talmadge's long out-of-print "How To Cook A Pig" that my friends and I really enjoy. I'd be glad to post the recipe if anyone's interested.

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              I would be very interested. When I was a kid, I used to collect recipes out of cookbooks and magazines. One recipe that I have lost track of is something Vanderploeg's Apple Cake. I did find the recipe again, but I changed the ingredients and cannot duplicate this apple cake that I used to make that won prizes at Fall Fairs. So I am always looking for something that might be similar to that recipe. Please post away!