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Rebel house- quick review

Went to the rebel house tonight finally after hearing so much about it from the boards, and am I ever glad I did!! We started with the braised mushrooms in boozy brine (very small portion of pickled mushrooms, very flavourful and tart), the pickled beets (good portion of sweet and tangy beets, excellent dish) and the plate of hummus (incredible thick hummus with a hint of red pepper served with incredible soft bread with a crusty garlicy exterior, I could have ate this bread as a main). For mains , two of us had the roast beef dinner, one with mashed potatoes and I opted for the kettle chips. The roast beef was cooked perfectly as requested, sliced very thin with a nice spicy horseradish gravy on top.. I really prefered this thin cut to the traditional prime rib because I always find whenever I order prime rib half of it gets pushed aside on the plate because its just fat, but this was entirely edible and still deliciously tender. It was served with a big yorkshire pudding (pretty good for restaurants yorkshire pudding, but Ill never be satisfied with anything other than my family recipe) and some delicously salty spiced veg (including corn on the cob which is unusual but was quite good). The mashed potatoes were a little bit hard and chunky (not creamy) but thats a personal preference. The kettle chips that I had were reallly delicious, thinly sliced fries that are round like chips and very crispy, delcious! (for those who have tried it, is the poutine made with these chips too?).. the other had the meatloaf with mushrooms on top and served with veg and mash.. I tried the meatloaf and I was very impressed, not sure how to describe meatloaf to be honest, but it was flavourful, juicy and the gravy was the perfect consistency. The bill with 3 apps, 3 mains, and 3 beers was 93 $ including tax. Pretty good for an excellent meal, I cannot wait to go back and try out some of the other menu offerings (all of todays specials sounded temping). Thanks chows! another great recomendation!

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  1. OMG I can't believe you waited so long!!! Welcome to the pub. Rebel House is comfort pub grub at its very best. Their brunch is equally great. Enjoy!

    1. Oh. Oh yes. The poutine is made with those excellent kettle chips, and with curds and smoked mozzarella and gravy spiked with little meaty bits. It's sublime...

      1. Good job Abbey. We love the place.

        Next time you go, you gotta get the sausage of the day. Whatever it is. We've had it twice and were blown away by how good they were.

        Their selection of local beers is first rate too.


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          oh yes that was also on my "want to try" list, tonights was a wild boar sausage with cranberry, balsamic glazed onion, and roasted pepper mustard, mmm.. if only I could eat 10 entrees myself haha.. well, all in time I suppose

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            Haven't been there in quite a while but I remember enjoying mussels at Rebel House.

            Rebel House
            1068 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W2L4, CA

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              We had a cabernet and venison sausage and the wild boar thing sounds like it may be the other we had.

              Our Daily Bread is really good too.


          2. Just wanted to reopen a rebel house thread to say that they have a great brunch. Went there last week at around noon and it wasn't packed. AND they let us linger to sit around and chat. VERY NICE.

            I had the tavern breakfast which was delicious. Eggs, bacon, baked beans, kettle chips, oven roasted tomatoes, and sauteed mushroom. I could have eat 15 of the tomatoes.

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              Just a note: they're closed for renovations - not in the euphemistic sense as in "renovating the ownership". I saw them underway yesterday. Not certain when they're reopening, but I think th note on the door gives a date.

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                I think they were closed until the October 13th.

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                  Yesterday was 13 Oct, I passed by at 6pm, and there was no way that they could have been opened today, 14 Oct. A phone call might be in order.

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                    they were definitely closed today... my friend said they'd open tomorrow...but i'd call to make sure.

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                      it says they're closed til the 16th on their website...

            2. hey peeps,
              for all the RAVE reviews about rebel house, which we ate at for the first time today for lunch, while totally decent and nice for the area which has a dirth of restos...it was not GREAT. my spinach apple salad was really bland and the leaves tough. the partners french fries were very greasy. we will try this place again at dinner sometime in the near future...maybe we didn't order the rite stuff? it was super busy afterall... anyways just an update!

              1. Just want to pipe in a bit late on Rebel House. I've been here a couple of times but have wanted to make a special trip for the roast beef based on abbey's review. That's exactly how I like it, thinn sliced as I'm a bit of a trimmer and usually end up consuming less than half of a traditional prime rib portion. We made one trip before a movie a few months ago but the beef wasn't ready yet so enjoyed the meatloaf instead.

                So went this past Sunday and everything was great. I ordered a medium roast beef dinner. What arrived was very traditional down to there being thick slab of juicy but fatty beef on the plate. It was super tasty but I ate about half of it. Not a big deal because after gobbling up the potatoes, yorkshire, and veggies I was stuffed but just wasn't what I was expecting. They were a bit skimpy in the gravy, it was more of a traditional beef gravy but didn't notice any horseradish flavour in there at all.

                Possibly things have changed in the kitchen there. It's still an excellent roast beef dinner and was a great meal with excellent service.

                If anyone else really digs the leaner thin sliced roast beef dinner I have found it at Crush Wine Bar. What I had was part of the daily roast..which changes from day to day but I'd assume they'd do it on a Sunday to pull the pub card out in their gastro pub offerings.

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                  hm.. im sorry to hear that. I was looking forward to a return for the thin cut beef. Im sure that it was still a good piece of meat if it would sliced thick, but I can find that at so many other pubs.. I will try Crush based on your reco. Thanks!

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                    I know the RH is a fav with people on this board, but I don't really get it.

                    I think the servers tend to be odd. Either sort of disinterested or rude or kind of way too cool.

                    The food I think is good, but my experience for lunch is that it takes way too long. Plus, I recently sat on the patio and thought it was very grimy. Do they clean outside or just wait for it to rain?

                    I'm certain my view will not be widely supported, but I think the place needs a redo. I stil go, but only when someone else suggests it as a meeting spot.

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                      I'm somewhere in the middle. It's good "for a neighbourhood spot". But not really worth a special trip. If I drop by and there's a wait (no reservations) I go elsewhere. Their beer selection is pretty good (and they have a cider on tap too), so I can always fine something good to drink. Food is all over the place - definitely NOT a gourmet destination (e.g. fried potatoes are always greasy). Burgers are fine and daily specials often OK, but sausages are erratic in quality. Fine for a casual (or group) dinner - except why go with a group if you can't reserve?
                      And the alternative a few blocks north is the Abbott On The Hill (OK Wylie's is in-between), also getting much love on this Board. I've tried the Abbott 3 times now (glutton(literally) for punishment) and never finished a dish. Yes - the RH is several notches above that (although the Abbott also has fine beer).