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Sep 16, 2007 04:34 PM

Newark around 84

We are staying in the Marriott Courtyard at 84 and Newark Blvd. Can anyone recommend a restaurant that is convenient to that location? Fish would be preferred but any cuisine is OK if the place is good.

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  1. When I lived in Newark a couple of years ago, I made regular trips to Nguyen Vu (Vietnamese), which is in the shopping complex across Newark Blvd, past the Safeway and just next to Orchard Supply Hardware.

    1. There is a restaurant called Su Gia in one of the plazas where the 99 Ranch (Chinese supermarket) fact, it's two doors down on the left if you're facing 99 Ranch. We used to go there a lot because of their dumplings....the ones cooked in the steamer with the broth inside them and explode in your mouth with flavors! They usually have fresh fish in the tank if you're into it. The menu is quite extensive and include some fish plates....try their spice wonton if you can handle spicy stuff.

      Another plaza across from this one with a restaurant called Venus Tam Cafe. It's along the same side right next to the hotel. They serve Hong Kong style "western" dishes. Not the best but edible if you have not had anything like it.