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New butcher in Leslieville?

Just saw a sign posted in the window of some old hair salon on Queen at Jones, saying an organic butcher and fine foods shop will be opening soon. EXACTLY what the 'hood needs! Anyone have anything to report?

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  1. Wow! Sounds great! Where at Queen & Jones??

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      Now that's a good scoop....can't wait to check it out.

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        Basically right at the corner on the south side of Queen, I think the old sign on the place says "Perfection Hair & Nails" or something like that.

      2. What a great find, how is the meat?


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          Hasn't opened yet, the little sign saying coming soon literally went up a few days ago. I'm just getting it out there now, so we can all figure it out and be the first to make friends with the owners and have grass-fed organic hangar steaks cut especially for us.

          1. Haven't been by in a bit - anyone seen any progress w/this place?

            1. Just passed by it today and nothing but the sign at the door. Only new thing to report is the exact address to our new organic butcher shop for the near future. It's 1175 Queen Street East. :)

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                New sign reads opening October 5th.....4 more sleeps!!!!!

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                  And the name of the shop is "Lady & Son Butchery" which is all kinds of awesome.

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                      Wow! Paula Dean is opening a butcher shop in Leslieville?

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                        I checked out Paula Deen's website for "Lady & Sons" and didn't find any mention of a Leslieville location.

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                          I think that was a joke regarding the name of the place...tee hee.

                2. from Chatto's blog today:
                  "Leslieville has a new butcher in Lady & Son Butchery (1175 Queen St. E., 416-913-2598). The lady in question is owner Voula Mantis and her son is Bobby Kliori, age 17, a young man who loves to cook. Voula’s lamb is organically raised and comes from Dan the Man; her beef is half naturally raised, half certified organic and comes from a farm in western Ontario, as does the naturally raised pork in the store. Her own line of prepared dishes has drawn rave reviews in the two or three days since the place opened, especially her roast beef. Baker Simon Silander supplies organic breads, pastries are sourced from Célestin and patés and terrines are from Marc Thuet. Voula’s enthusiasm and passion for quality are shiningly obvious within about 10 seconds of conversation. I hope the business is a huge success."


                  1. I went in there today feeling excited. I left feeling gloomy. The displays were a mess. Just heaps of stuff dumped into the display case. Some stuff in plastic bags, some in bowls, some on trays. Not at all appetizing.

                    The prepared food was minimal and didn't appeal. The fresh meats were mainly badly cut. The strip loins had vaguely yellow tinged fat and virtually no marbling. The grocery display didn't contain anything unusual. Hair product signs are what one sees when going in.

                    I'll give her a few weeks to get settled in and try again. I'd love a good butcher in this area. But Cumbrae's this ain't.

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                      I was afraid of that. Looks sketchy from the outside. I was really surprised to read the review above. Can't say exactly why, but even just driving by the place I did not get a sense of good things. Nothing made me wanna stop the car and actually check it out. Too bad, I was also excited about the place. Thanks for the update embee.

                    2. We were really excited to see the sign come up for the new butcher as this is just what the neighbourhood needs. We have gone in twice now. First time for some bacon, and the second time for some organic pork tenderloin. Both items were great and not over priced. It will take a while for the store to fully organize, but it gets our two thumbs up!

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                        I hope you are right over the long term. There's no way I would have bought anything she had on display when I was in there - for any price. But, yes, she does deserve time to get organized.

                      2. well, my experiences at 'lady and son' have inspired me to finally sign up and say something.

                        like other people, i was excited to see that a natural/organic butcher was coming to my neighborhood. i dreamed of not having to make the out-of-the-way treks to the healthy butcher (pretty good but crazy expensive), whole foods (reliable but creepily corporate), cumbrae's (amazing quality but not certified organic) and the big carrot (my favorite source for pre-packaged meats from cumbrae's and field gate organics).

                        my experience at lady and son has, thus far, been more miss than hit and i must admit to being stung by the disappointment at their inability to provide reliable quality.

                        on their first day i excitedly go in to check out their wares with a steak for the bbq in mind. the disorganized, unappealing display has 3-4 unusually cut boneless rib steaks and i ask for the biggest one. $20 later i have the shoddiest cut of steak ever. the flavour is unremarkable. a first day disappointment i'm willing to overlook.

                        a few days later i go back for some lamb. the 'son' does not know the difference between lamb rib chops and lamb loin chops, the latter of which are labeled as 'goat'. feeling embarrassed to point out the difference i get a couple of 'goat chops' which are quite good. better than loblaws, not as good as cumbrae's.

                        my next trip is a week or so later, just before closing and everything is already wrapped up in plastic for the night. i scan the case for steak and see nothing but roasts. upon asking, i'm mistaken; the rib roast i thought i saw is actually a bunch of rib steaks all wrapped together. i drop $30 on a big one and i finally hit pay dirt: juicy, tender, flavorful, easily rivaling anything i've had from the healthy butcher, cumbrae's or berretta. my confidence is restored. perhaps they are getting into the swing of things, although the display is still a mess.

                        next visit i come away with some mediocre ground lamb and uneventful chicken (i'm no chicken aficionado).

                        two weeks ago i went back and got a rather unappealing looking 7 rib rack of lamb (non-frenched, $40!!!). feeling uninspired by my mistake i threw it in the freezer and thawed and cooked it tonight. it was a $40 disaster of butchery. i soon realize that all of the rib bones are attached to the backbone (or 'chine' according to joc) making it impossible to cut the rack into individual chops. the eye of meat on each rib is meager; the 7 rib rack is barely enough to serve one. the little meat that could be salvaged was tender and of good flavour.

                        i'm sorry 'lady', but you've had a month and failed to impress. unless i see another one of those rib steaks i'll maybe go back on occasion for chicken or ground beef, but never for the prime cuts (which is what a butcher is supposed to be all about!). let's hope the rowe farms rumour is true.

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                        1. re: badtaste

                          If you're looking for natural products, may I suggest that you try Summerhill Market instead of the usual suspects that you mentioned? Millygirl recommended it to me for my Thanksgiving dinner, and I've been nothing but amazingly impressed by the quality of their food and by the amazing service that I've received there. Their pot pies, which contain no unpronounceable ingredients, are to die for, as are their tourtieres and virtually everything I've tried there. Tons of meat and vegetables packed into wonderful crusts. If I recall correctly, and I'm almost 100% sure that I do, they have a butcher's counter there, although I haven't tried their uncooked meats so I can't attest to the quality. If it's anything like the rest of their stuff, though, it'll be amazing.


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                            Errr... *embarrassed*. Apparently, yesterday's few drinks really inspired a desire in me to use the word "amazing" to its full extent.

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                              Their meat is actually that good. They use range-fed Alberta beef that is well-aged. Burgers are pretty darned good too.

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                            Glad you signed up badtaste and thanks for the review. It great to see a comprehensive review based on several visits and different purchases. I'm a fan of Royal Beef and am looking forward to Rowe Farms.

                            I have off and on luck with Meat on the Beach.

                          3. I just tried Royal Beef for the first time and was completely impressed. Family-run place and the butcher/owner really knows his stuff. Got a tri-tip sirloin that was simply fantastic.

                            1. I second Royal Beef, great steaks, tri-tips and other beef items. We also get good pork chops and lamb there too. There are also deli items, cheese and bread. Gord the butcher really knows his stuff and is very helpful, don't know if he's the owner actually, but we all still miss Paul, the orginal owner, who passed away about six or seven years ago. Check out the beautiful photo of him and and his wife Carmen on the wall above the cash register. Taken for a Toronto Star article.

                              Royal Beef
                              1968 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C, CA

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                                Hey Vorpal, your memory is keen. Summerhill has a meat counter, the butchers really know their stuff AND the meats are AMAZING. Very close second to Cumbrae's if not on par. I have another tip for you....they sell a raw boneless whole chicken breast that they prepare with a stuffing of aspargus risotto. They also do a sun dried tomato.version but we always get the risotto one - it is dead easy to cook - just stick in oven for approx. 1 hour, and it always turns out perfect. Our guests are always impressed, thinking we've done all the work ourselves. (0f course we come clean!!) One breast will easily feed 2. We also stick some potatoes in roasting pot and it's a perfect Sunday meal. The meat always turns out moist and deelish!

                                1. re: millygirl

                                  Oh, god. That all sounds delicious. I think I'm going to have to make another trek up there this weekend now! You've made an addict of me...

                                  1. re: vorpal

                                    ... me too. I'm going to get me one of those stuffed chicken breasts on my next pot pie run.

                                    Summerhill Market
                                    446 Summerhill Ave, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

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                                  Yes Paul at Royal Beef was a great guy....very passionate about this product. I actually don't find Gord to be as helpful, he just seems kind of miserable most times we've been in. But we still go when we wanna stay close to home. Paul's wife Carm is a delight.

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                                    I also enjoyed Paul at Royal Beef, so friendly and readily offering advice.. It was so sad when he died. I haven't been there for awhile as it is often a pain to park. Read on another thread that they have great weiners. Must get over there.

                                    1. re: MargieEv

                                      Just thought of something else -- I usually pick up a bag of pita when I'm there too. They are stacked by the cash register and appear to be homemade, tastier than your usual supermarket pita, nice when toasted and dipped in hummus. Yes, parking can be a pain, we usually go around the corner on the side street where Pizza Nova is, leave the-four ways on and hope for the best.

                                      1. re: JamieK

                                        And the tzatziki next to the pita is worth buying, too!

                                      2. re: MargieEv

                                        Hee, hee. I believe that was I who raved about their weiners. They are very good. We always pick up a few packs when we are there. They come in 4's and my husband can easily chow down 2 so they don'[t last long. And yes, I love their pitas also.

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                                        Paul had a real passion for his craft. Gord doesn't have the same enthusiasm, and isn't as easily approachable, but he still has the beef. The story (unverified) is that Gord was a friend of Paul's who sold his own business to save Royal. I have assumed (also unverified) that Carm now owns the place.

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                                          My understanding is that Paul and Gord met way back when they were both working the meat counter at a Dominion. If I understood from Carm correctly, she sold the butcher side of the business to Gord and she maintains the deli. If you notice the pricestickers on the dips, etc from that side are labelled Carm's Deli.