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Sep 16, 2007 04:09 PM

Local mushrooms

I just read this story on the AZcentral news site about chefs utilizing local, botique ingredients:

The article mentions that Wright's at the Biltmore uses porcini mushrooms from flagstaff. I love porcinis but I have never found any mushrooms locally. Anyone know what the article is referring to or any Arizona source for wild mushrooms (morels, chanterrelles, porcinis, etc)?

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  1. Anyone? Anyone ordering from a good source online?

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    1. re: Professor12

      i wish!!! i'm doing a food tour of flagstaff for 4 days in october - meeting with growers etc. i'll report back if i learn anything about mushrooms!!

      its the one thing i really miss from the bay area farmers markets - locally foraged fungii!!!