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Sep 16, 2007 04:06 PM

casa villa in Stamford

so, apparently a car went through the front window of Casa Villa and it's now closed indefinitely? A friend told me the news, but I haven't confirmed it nor heard if it's permanently closed or what...

Anyone know details? It wasn't great and was incredibly inconsistent, but on it's best days it had very good tacos. Hope it doesn't go forever.

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  1. Yes, it happened about a month ago. A drunk driver lost control of his car and killed a pedestrian before plowing into the front of Casa Villa. Accident caused between $50,000 - $100,000 in damage to the restaurant. The last article I read said Villa was planning to reopen in about 3-4 weeks from now.

    Here's a story on the accident:

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      yikes, I sit there in the window seats with my daughter fairly frequently. That's all disconcerting.

      I do hope the can reopen soon. It's middle of the road mexican, but it's authentic and better than most of the other places in Stamford.

    2. Adam,

      Good news. Alvino has reopened Casa Villa and even expanded the hours of operation. There is an article in today's Advocate.


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        awesome! great news. Thanks for passing it on. I'll be stopping in this week to welcome them back...