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Wanted: Authentic German Food!!!

Just moved to Salem from Orlando, FL

So far I LOVEEEEE New England

I keep finding all of these wonderful gems but have yet to come across a good German Restaurant

Any and all suggestions will be graciously accepted.

I will be posting weekly about all of the new one of a kind eateries I come across here in beautiful New England.


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  1. Hi,

    The Boston area is not a hotbed of German cuisine. There's only one German restaurant I know of, Jacob Wirth in the Theatre District. It's fairly good, but I've had much better German food in NYC and in Milwaukee. There's also an excellent butcher that sells homemade German sausages, in Saugus. It's Karls Sausage Kitchen.

    Karl's Sausage Kitchen
    142 Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906

    Jacob Wirth Restaurant
    31 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116

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      Thank You! I love homemade sausages I will give them a try and pick up some spatzle at the market!

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        It's not in Boston, but there is a butcher in South Deerfield, MA called Pekarski's that specializes in fresh and smoked German and Polish sausages. It's at 293 Conway Road (Rte 116), and the phone number is 413-665-4537. I strongly recommend calling for hours before you head out there, and you should also bring a cooler.

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          I totally agree with Pekarskis. I believe they are open Monday-Saturday.

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            Pekarski's is a great place, and used to be just about 100% Polish. They have bratwurst, but I would not go there looking for a range of German sausages. They try new things, so you never know (they have their own smoked hot dogs, for example, and I got a ring of smoked linguica that's going to feature in a Portuguese garlic soup). They're open 8:30-6 during the week and (mumble) to 4 on weekends, not open Sundays. Yes, do call ahead, not just for hours but for availability of whatever you're looking for.

        2. Nothing worthwhile, sorry to say. Jacob Wirth serves German food but it's not very good, and it's the only German place for a long ways around. Springfield, MA is a good place to go for this -- try The Student Prince or (for a somewhat less good option) The Hofbrauhaus.

          There's also a Polish place in Andrew Square near the South Boston/Dorchester line called Cafe Polonia, which admittedly isn't German but is very good.

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            Polish food will suffice for the time being. I like Borsch sp? The polish make good sausage and pieroges. Thanks for the suggestions!!!

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              For Polish try Cafe Polonia in Dorchester. Excellent pierogis and borscht!

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              Student Prince is closed, sorry to say.

            3. It's expensive, but Sandrine's in Harvard Sq. is a French/Alsatian restaurant with some krauts and wursts on the menu.

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                Great suggestion - their choucroute garnie is immensely satisfying, and quite Teutonic in sensibility.

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                    How is the bar at Sandrine's? Both in terms of cocktails and the bar menu? Their website mentions a small selection of food available at the bar (and I imagine they probably serve their entire menu as well), but is not specific.

                1. If you're up for a little travelling, try the Student Prince in Springfield. Great german food, beer and it's worth the trip just to see all the beer steins and memorabilia on the walls.
                  They have fried camembert cheese as an appetizer and it is tremendous.

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                      1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                        Yeah, I get that now. I'm not the one who revived it, however ;-)

                  1. I haven't been, but friends really enjoy the Wirsthaus in Methuen, north of Boston.

                    1. You might want to post on New England, there are some outside of Boston that people have raved about. If you don't mind traveling a bit some weekend, I've heard wonderful things about the Danbury Inn in NH.

                      1. Wirth's is the only one I know of but there's also Sandrines in Harvard Square (Alsatian) and if you want a weekend destination there's the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe Vt (Austrian).

                        1. Jacob Wirth's is horrible, IMO.

                          You must check out The Smokehouse in Norwell. It's a very small retail shop for an outfit that makes handmade sausages for Boston's finer restaurants.

                          The sausages are INCREDIBLE. The manager trained in Germany so there are German sausgaes of various types, plus stuff like leberkase and other German delicacies. He also sells imported German foods like spaetzle, etc. (and my favorite, licorice cats).

                          The Globe food section wrote an article on them recently: http://www.boston.com/ae/food/article...

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                            I agree that Wirth's isn't a great choice, just the only available place -- with good beer and atmosphere but marginal German food. Too bad.

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                              The Inn at Danbury in Danbury, NH is great. It's about an hour and a half from Boston and worth it. The have an Oktoberfest around mid October that is fun for the family, but probably not as good as going there and ordering off the complete menu. They've got schnitzle every which way and then some.

                          2. From Salem, Karl's sausage kitchen in Saugus, Rt. 1is delicious and convenient. Take some home and cook it.Not German, but Sandrine's in Harvard Square offers Alsatian cuisine. Yummy choucroute.

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                              I second the call for Karl's Sausage Kitchen. Their sausages satisfy my Czech taste buds, and the counter ladies with huge blonde bouffants are fun. And if you can do some cooking, you can get all the ingredients you could want there.

                              We tried Cafe Polonia once and really liked it, too.

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                                I've *never* seen a bouffant at Karl's. It's a family run joint, but not at all a kitsch fest as one might assume from their sign.

                                They have really great food.

                            2. In general, our Middle European options in Boston are pretty grim. Jacob Wirth's American food is pretty decent compared to its German food, most of which tastes like it is prepared in bulk and kept on steam tables all day. It's got good beer and great atmosphere, though, a rare surviving 19th-century tavern here.

                              In addition to Sandrine's, Alsatian specialties can also be found at Brasserie Jo and Gaslight Brasserie du Coin.

                              Besides its excellent sausages and cold cuts (including speck, multiple kinds of bratwurst, and fine house-smoked bacon), Karl's Sausage Kitchen is a good place for German specialty groceries, including breads.

                              As mentioned, Cafe Polonia does fantastic Polish food. I'm particularly enamored of their potato pancakes, a very thick, crisply-fried rendition. Don't miss the same owners' Baltic Deli across the street in Andrew Square.

                              There are a few German- and Austrian-leaning dishes (like wiener schnitzel a la Holstein) at Jasmine Bistro in Brighton Center, a fascinating little place whose menu focuses on Hungarian, French, and Balochistani food. The "noodles" under some of their gulyas and paprikash dishes resemble German Spätzle.

                              Boston also isn't a great town for traditional Ahskenazi Jewish food: probably the best example of this style is at Rubin's Kosher Deli in Brookline. Zaftig's down the block from it represents a more Americanized version of this cuisine.

                              We've got a couple of Turkish places with good döner kebab: Brookline Family Restaurant does my favorite, followed by Sultan's Kitchen downtown.

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                                I know this is an old thread but I just went to Jasmine Bistro for the first time and indeed found the spitting image of spätzle that came with the chicken gulyas. The restaurant was wonderful in food, decor and service. And I agree that Rubin's is probably the best deli in the area . . . . Unless you want to drive 90 miles to Springfield, where there is the wonderful Student Prince (a really good German restaurant!) and a branch of the incredible Rein's Deli.

                                Jasmine Bistro
                                412 Market St, Brighton, MA 02135

                              2. Husbands family always raves about the Green Barn in Salem, NH


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                                  I haven't been since last winter but I always liked the German dishes at the Green Barn. I want to check out Wirsthaus in Methuen mentioned above. I always forget about that place.

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                                    you said you just moved to salem and if polish food will suffice there is a place called polonus in the east india mall, on the brick part of essex st. Its a polish deli, fairly small but worth checking out if you live in the area. Other than that i would highly reccomend karl's on rt. 1 like others suggested.

                                2. I think in the immediate Boston area, Cafe Polonia is going to be your best bet, especially if you focus on the pork dishes and sausages, as well as the potato pancakes and some of the desserts. Shouldn't be to hard to tell the Germanic dishes from the Slavic ones (e.g. pierogies or the paprika laced goulash).

                                  The Alsatian dishes at the French places in the area tend to be very limited, usually just the choucroute garnie, and perhaps tarte flambees. And of course foie gras, although I've yet to see any Alsatian foie gras in this country -- it's more of the ingredient quality than the preparation in this case. Eastern Standard served baeckoffe for a short time, but this was a while ago, near the end of Jamie Bissonette's tenure.

                                  As you know, bread is amazing in Germany, and if you can track down the guy who used to bake for the late Oxford Street Grill in Lynn, you're in for a treat.

                                  1. If you are in Salem NH, you may be in luck because its a closer drive to Nashua NH where the Euro Deli on Amherst Street reigns. I buy weekly cold cuts and have started to buy my Bockwurst from them. But as others say ... not a hotbed of German food around here. I like Jacob Wirths because their chef was very accommodating last time I was there and grilled up a handful of different sausages which I had enjoyed on their "fixed platters" - and charged me a nice priice for them - while doing a better job the second time around. In New England, you soon get used to restaurants who say "..no ....we don't do that" to simple requests, that I am very appreciative of those who place customer satisfaction over rigid rules.

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                                      Euro deli in Amhearst, NH is a good place. They make some nice ham and butterkase cheese sandwiches and have a nice selection of wursts and cheeses, chocolates and various German groceries.

                                      1. re: robertlf

                                        I went to Euro Deli today. About a year and half ago, they changed management. A young woman now owns it and she did a FABULOUS job of renovating the market and selection. If you haven't checked it out lately, you should!

                                    2. This is by no means a German restaurant but the Sunset Grill and Tap in Allston has a crazy Oktoberfest going on. They have a sample platter with bratwurst, knockwurst, weisswurst, metwurst, cheddarwurst, all steamed in beer and then grilled and served with a hot cabbage and apple slaw, German potato salad with egg and a great beer mustard sauce for dipping. They also have the largest selection of oktoberfest beers in the city. They are at 130 Brighton Ave in Allston. They also have pumpkin beer ice cream. Give them a try.

                                      1. Do people really think Jacob Wirth's is that bad? I've been there recently and thought the Sauerbraten was really good. However, I hadn't been there in about 4 years after a fairly awful lunch one day with co-workers.

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                                        1. re: mick_t

                                          I do indeed think JW's is very bad foodwise, though it has a cool atmosphere.

                                          1. re: mick_t

                                            I would rather starve, and it's not too often that I post negatively.

                                            1. re: Pegmeister

                                              This time I agree with Pegmeister. The last time my co-workers and I ate there the food was for the most part literally inedible. I'm pretty critical, but a few in our group will eat just about anything and they left most of their meal untouched.

                                              BTW no sense of concern on the part of server or management.

                                              We didn't complain because it was sooo bad and we vowed never to return.

                                          2. We just tried the Wirtshaus in Methuen. Not bad at all and good bier, but a narrow selection.

                                            1. I'm happy to report a find this past weekend of a quite good German restaurant, although sadly not in the Boston area, or even in Massachusetts, but about 140 miles north in Topsham, ME - A Taste of Europe/Old Munich Restaurant (http://www.oldmunich.us ). I wrote it up on the New England board. Much as I love the Student Prince in Springfield, I think Old Munich may actually offer better and more authentic German cooking, though on a more modest scale.


                                              1. Try Euroguild, Inc. 397 High Plain Street Walpole, MA 02081 for authentic German foods.

                                                1. You absolutely have to try Karl's Sausage Kitchen!!! Amazing homemade sausages. I tried the brats and the knocks. The brats were amazingly smooth and tender. They also have plenty of other eastern european meats and groceries.

                                                  I have been to the Green Barn in Salem NH but was not all that impressed. I lived in eastern europe for 2 years and have traveled a lot in germany. The saurbraten at the green barn was not all that good.

                                                  1. I lived in Germany for seven years and Jacob Wirth's idea of "German" food is insulting.
                                                    My favorite for authentic German food is The Student Prince in Springfield, MA and I really like the deli/grocery at Karl's Sausage Kitchen on Rt. 1 (they even carry gelbwurst).
                                                    Wirsthaus and Euroguild are on my list to try!

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                                                    1. re: BellatrixStar

                                                      Add The Smokehouse in Norwell. Small, but a wide variety of top quality sausages and other German treats -- both handmade and imported.


                                                      1. re: C. Hamster

                                                        Yes, forgot to add that one for sure!
                                                        Dank :-)

                                                    2. Well you just left one of the most authentic restaurants in Sanford, The Willow Tree, and people drive for hours ot get there, but for the crunchiest kraut you will ever sink your teeth into, take a drive up to Walderboro, Maine to Morse's Kraut Haus, and they have a great selection of fun accoutrements to fill your pantry, but call ahead to make sure it is the correct season for the fresh stuff!

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                                                        Kraut is also insanely easy to make at home.

                                                      2. Here are my four recommendations:
                                                        I. Vienna Historic Inn & Restaurant- very good food, Southbridge, MA
                                                        2. Student Prince or The Fort - my favorite, Fort St., downtown Springfield,MA - largest beer stein collection in the USA. If you go try the salad w/ Roquefort cheese. They bring you a salad, a boat of French dressing, and a golf ball size of Roquefort cheese. They mash the cheese into the dressing at table side and then pour it on your salad
                                                        3. Munich Haus, started by former chef at Student Prince, very good food
                                                        4. Bavaria German Restaurant, Hookset, NH - good food, nice atmosphere, mostly old fashioned German food, which in my opinion is a bit to rich and heavy. Beautiful table setting
                                                        5. Jacob Wirth's - Wirthless, unless you consider a hot dog good German food, and you like an ambience that probably has not changed since the place opened. I wouldn't eat there even if I was given a gift certificate. It's name is popular only because it represents what was Boston at one time, long ago.

                                                        If you want to savor a sense of old Boston go to Pizzeria Regina, in Boston's North End, or to Santarpio's, located in East Boston by taking a hard right as you exit the Callahan tunnel (DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT take the ramp to Logan Airport). You will see Santarpio's right down at the end of to street. The theme is boxing, going back all the way Rocky Marciano. Nothin fancy, but both places have great pizza.

                                                        BTW, my wife is German, and I make one heck of a yeast Stollen, with an almond paste center.

                                                        Good luck,

                                                        PS. Not to down grade Boston, but if you live within an hour of Portsmouth, NH, you owe yourself a trip to that town. Very easy to get around, Hugh variety of very good restaurants, chefs who are collaborating together, and many places offering things on the cutting edge of the culinary world.

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                                                          You do know that the Student Prince closed in June, right?

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                                                            While this is an old thread, I'm happy to add more information about German food to the web! Though not "authentic" per se, Bronwyn has some seriously delicious German-style food that my very German mom and I really enjoyed. Their wursts (homemade) are delicious.

                                                            1. re: addiez

                                                              Agreed. I really liked their "currywurst," which is a sausage made with curry spices. Imagine my disappointment when I ordered a typical (authentic) currywurst in Berlin: completely different, more like an oversized hot dog with tomato ketchup and a sprinkle of spice powder on top. Authentic is not always better...

                                                              1. re: addiez

                                                                Ever since I discovered the Brondog (served only at the bar), I've been loath to explore he rest of the always outstanding menu. That is one delightful tube steak. Although I've promised myself that the next time we go (after the Rock and Roll Yard Sale the Sunday after Labor Day), I'm going to order something different.

                                                            2. Bronwyn in Union Sq. Somerville

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                                                              1. re: Snooch

                                                                Second this recommendation. We were there last weekend and will be back.

                                                              2. If you're ever in Portland, ME, I recommend:


                                                                I don't have a German background nor do I know much about German food, but there was a feeling of authenticity to this place. It felt like a simple, genuine home-cooked German meal. I really enjoyed it.

                                                                1. Yesterday I visited Karl's Sausage Co., located in Peabody,1 Bourbon St. They make a variety of sausages, both smoked and fresh, smoked meats, and other things as well. They also feature a small shopping area for take home things, and a small restaurant/dining area serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is not white tablecloth, but it is nice, friendly, casual, the menu very German, and the prices very reasonable. My wife and I might eat there this later today.

                                                                  Among my purchases, was Karl's homemade liverwurst - the standard in this part of NE is Tobin's MotherGoose liverwurst. Karl's has got it hands down. MotherGoose in a pinch, but Karl's when you are having guests or just want the best.

                                                                  Karl's is not difficult to find, but it depends where you are coming from. I headed north on 128 and exited for Route 1 and 95. I found I needed to head north on Route 1, exiting maybe 1/2 mile onto Lowell Street. At the end of the ramp take a right, and move over to your left. At the next traffic light there should be a Dunkin Donuts on your left, and that is the interaction of Bourbon St. As soon as you take the left you will see Karl's.

                                                                  Good luck and good eating too.