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Sep 16, 2007 03:46 PM

chilaquiles kc?

i'm looking for good chilaquiles in KC and wondering if anyone knows where to find them??

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  1. not getting much help here, eh?

    i live in Omaha and don't have a lot of exposure to Mexican in KC, but there is a (regional) chain here that i eat at regularly called La Mesa that has a location in Overland Park...i know their chilaquiles are good here.

    i've ate at a couple of their locations outside of my state and the quality seems to be fairly consistent.
    the 'Preferencias del Cocinero' portion of the menu is their strong point.

    they rarely 'blow me away', maybe becuase i've been eating there for 8 years, but it's probably the restaurant i frequent most often because of consistency.

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      thanks! it's worth a try....
      i figured because of all the good mexican we have in KC, someone would have them, but hadn't come across them yet...

    2. They have them at Poco's on the Boulevard (31st St and SW Blvd in KCMO). Breakfast there is outstanding, but, ironically, the chilaquiles are the one thing I've had that I haven't really liked. They were a little too soupy for my taste. But the sauce was good, so your mileage may vary.