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Eastside happy hours? (Los Feliz, Glendale, Atwater, etc.)

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Are there any good happy hours on the Eastside? I'm looking for good, cheap food, and maybe drinks too. Just want a cheap place to go after work for some apps and conversation.

Used to like the Chevy's in Glendale, but they closed. Looking for something in Atwater, Los Feliz, Silverlake...that whole area.


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  1. The first one that comes to mind is Chowhound L.A.'s favorite restaurant (hee hee), Malo, in Silver Lake. The house margarita is five bucks, the oro azul margarita is six, well drinks are three dollars (I think), I forget how much beer is. The tacos dorados and bean burrito sliders are two dollars each, too. The one big bummer: You will have to pay for your chips and salsa, but they are good chips and salsa. (I like the chewy chips myself.) Happy hour at Malo is Monday through Friday, from 5:00 to 7:00, with the full restaurant menu available after 6:00.

    4326 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

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      Tam O'Shanter has discounted drinks and half price appetizers, 4-7 pm.

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        A great idea, Woolsey! Malo's habanero salsa is truly addictive and their margaritas aren't half bad either.

        I'd also recommend Casita del Campo, another Chowhound favorite (wink, wink). We happen to adore Casita with charming Fernando who makes a mean margarita, half off during happy hour, I believe.

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          2nd Rudolpho's in Silverlake. Big wooden bar, three big TV's, and Happy Hour 4-7pm every day. Discounted Apps and Cheap beer (3 different draft sizes). And a free parking lot makes it perfect!

        2. chadaka thai, gordon biersch, mc cormick & schmick's on riverside, arnie morton's, smokin' jack downtown burbank (san fernando), big fish grill (san fernando), red lion, burbank bar and grill,

          1. Thanks! Will check them out. Just tried Chevy's in Burbank this past weekend. The happy hour appetizer menu now only has four items! Quality was just ok...it's a chain, right?

            1. Vinoteca on Hillhurst has a really good happy hour: $4 glasses of Prosecco and pizzas for the same or not much more (like $5?).


              1. Barragans on Sunset in Echo park....

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                  Especially on Wednesdays when the margaritas are $2.45, nachos are free, chips and salsa too

                2. Driving down Hyperion yesterday, I noticed a banner on the side of Casita del Campo advertising happy hour there from 4 to 7 weekdays. I've only gone there once for a friend's birthday and wasn't impressed, but aren't happy hours generally meant to draw people into less-than-impressive bars and restaurants?

                  Casita Del Campo
                  1920 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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                    "but aren't happy hours generally meant to draw people into less-than-impressive bars and restaurants?"

                    ....I guess that depends....do you consider Ruth's Chris, Morton's, Chaya Venice, Border Grill and I Cugina to be less-than-impressive restaurants?

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                      That's why the "generally" was in there.

                      Let me rephrase that: The bars and restaurants I wish would have a happy hour (that is, reduce prices on their food and drink for a few hours in the evening) don't ever seem to do so. (Insert sad-face emoticon.)

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                      I always assumed that "happy hour" specials were meant to draw people into restaurants at times they were otherwise slow.

                      As for Casita del Campo, I haven't been there for the happy hour, but the food is no worse than that you'd find at the likes of El Compadre or El Cholo -- old school So. Cal. cheesy Mexican, although the price is a little higher. It's got a decent little patio, which can be nice on a sunny afternoon.

                      The best suggestion I see on this thread so far is the one for Malo.