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The Best Fish Tacos in Cabo???

I'm looking for the best fish taco in the Cabo area. Any suggestions for great fish tacos or seafood generally? Thanks.

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  1. tacos gardenia on the road to medano beach is the best fish and shrimp tacos in town

    it is easy to miss the street even wen you know where it is

    if you see mi casa de mariscos on the northwest corner turn right or left depending upon which way you are walking and go about 1/2 a block

    i bleieve the street is paseo del pescador

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      Thanks for the heads up. Great fish tacos. My wife and I enjoyed them so much we went back a second time before departing Cabo.

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        We just got back from Cabo and can highly recommend Gardenia!. Excellent fish tacos and the price was right - two of us had 8 tacos and 4 beers for under $30. If you are not looking for a bargain, though, Las Ventanas has fabulous fish tacos at the poolside bar....hard to stay (and eat) anywhere else after you have been there. The main restaurant is wonderful, as well, but not cheap.

      2. Try Shooters in downtown San Jose ! very delicious and good prices and you can couple it with some Coronas!

        1. This is a small little outdoor taco shop just outside the back door of the Famous Cabo Wabo Cantina. The special is 4 fish (or whatever meat) and a beer 7.50 us . The absolute BEST fish tacos in all of cabo. The salsa bar has arounfd12 to 15 ingredients you can top your taco to make it your own wonderful creation. I was just there so this info is correct as of 10.6.10

          1. I have been eating at Gardenias. It is the only restaurant in Cabo that we make sure we visit every time. The reason we visit is that they have the best fish tacos that I have ever had.


            1. Gordo Lele's is the highest rated fish/shrimp taco place on Trip Advisor. Go to the Los Cabos area forum and search for Javier or Gordo Lele's. Highly recommended!

              I fell in love with Gardenia's, and to think when we first walked by it I wouldn't even go in, hubby had to convince me to just go in and get a drink! We had the shrimp cocktail, $10 and we barely finished it, several beef and shrimp tacos, love the little tubs of add-ons they serve with their tacos! Can't wait to go back.

              1. Weighing in here, just a few years later. I live in San José del Cabo and have narrowed my faves down to two so far, both of them fairly economical.

                Hands down the best and most authentic seafood place I've found here is Evaristo Hermanos, a palapa restaurant near the airport. Very fresh and very big servings. I'm usually good with ONE fish taco and a small shrimp consomé, about 70 pesos total, which amounts to about six USD I think. Each taco is made with nearly 7-inch plate-size flour tortillas, or, if you prefer, two smaller corn tortillas. Each one costs 30 pesos. Crunchy fried fish fillets, plus fresh tomatoes and lettuce. Every table is furnished with numerous choices of bottled salsa and also a house salsa, mayo, limes, tortilla chips, tostadas and crackers. Everything else on the menu that I've tried so far has been great. Beware the large shrimp soup, it's about the size of a bathtub. And as long as we're talking supersizing things, you can forego the regular beers that cost 20 pesos and opt for a 1-litre ice-cold Pacifico for the table for 35 pesos.

                My other fave is a little out of the way: Zac's, about half an hour out of San José del Cabo, up the East Cape coast road in Zacatitos. The cook, Erica, makes fabulous crispy tempura-style battered fish, serves it in corn or flour tortillas with finely shredded cabbage and onion and pico de gallo (fresh salsa). The one drawback is that if you like some heat as I do, you are limited to bottled salsas. But the view of the desert is fabulous, and the owners, Paul and Angel, are very friendly.

                I still have much exploring (and eating) to do, and will update as necessary. It is my mission to discover the best fish tacos on the peninsula.

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                  Heading down to Cabo this week and looking for some good food near the airport. Can you please provide directions to Evaristo Hermanos? Is this palapa restaurant also called Mariscos Evaristos? Thank you!

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                    That's the same place. There is a small map here: https://foursquare.com/v/mariscos-eva...

                    It's along the No. 1 highway (also called the Transpeninsular) on the southbound side, right by the airport. As you're driving north on the No. 1 from San José, it's the first left after the entrance to the airport. Keep an eye out for a big painted sign that reads MARISCOS on the southbound side of the highway. The place is sort of hidden behind some bushes and plants that separate the parking lot from the highway, but the new signs make it a little easier to spot. There's a dirt road parallel to the highway that gives access to the parking lot.

                    I hope that helps!