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Sep 16, 2007 03:09 PM

Wondee Siam....what am I doing wrong?


I've been to Wondee Siam after reading all the raving reviews on this board. I've ordered a green curry, penang curry, bbq beef salad, and a noodle dish, however, nothing was really outstanding. These were just off the regular menu.

What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions of what to order? (Non-pork)
Would love to love this place as I live so closeby to it!



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  1. Well because it is not that outstanding after all.
    I went to all of them due to the raves on the board and found all the dishes to be underseasoned and somewhat bland.
    I tried to like it but??? Aura on 9th ave or its sister down the road on 9th ave & 24th street.
    The duck curries are outstanding!!!

    1. Totally agree, most overrated Thai place in the city. Bland, not spicy enough, and definitely not very fresh tasting.

      1. I'm in that camp. We went in search of delicious Thai food and found everything to be bland and really not worth of a second visit. It's a shame!

          1. re: psawce

            Ditto the country curry, requested as hot as Thais like it, which in my case was medium and still really hot. I eat capsicum almost every meal, so I can take it. I also love the whole fish in the sweet chili sauce. It is NOT too sweet. I've never tried the cliches, like pad thai or sate, so I can't comment there.

          2. I think the Pad Kra Prow with ground chicken (you have to request that the chicken be ground) is superb. I think it might be their signature dish.