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Any good Indian food suggestions for midtown Toronto?

I am looking for great Indian food somewhere closer to Bayview and York Mills...I love the Indian Rice Factory but would love to find something in the neighbourhood...

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  1. Tabla - my new favourite. Yonge midway between eglinton & Lawrence.

    2727 Yonge, Toronto, ON M4N2H8, CA

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      What dishes would you recommend the most, Estufarian?

    2. If you're going to come as far down as Tabla, Jaipur Grille on Yonge south of Eglinton is AMAZING food in a more upscale environment, great service, wine pairing, etc.

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        I'm not as impressed. Found the sauces all similar and without definition. Good quality ingredients but overall wasn't as impressed. Service was also problematic (but that's common in Indian restaurants).
        I found the wine list uninspired (but fair prices) - and the environment certainly has tablecloths but is otherwise pretty bare bones.

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          I thought Jaipur Grille was excellent.

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          Jaipur Grill is OK but definitely not amazing. Just take their butter chicken as an example. Thought it was good, but when I tasted Maroli's version from across the road. One can really differentiate the good from the mere OK.

        3. What about KamaSutra (Bayview & Millwood)? Or how about the new place that went in where JOV used to be - name is escaping me ... starts with an A....

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            Jaadu on Yonge just south of St. Clair is my new Indian favourite in the city.

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              Jaaadu has 'dumbed down' its menu. The first time I went I was impressed (although it was expensive). Unfortunately those dishes have disappeared, so I need to try the new ones before assessing.

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                And I won't get the chance! It was closed and dark on Saturday night (although tables were set and no notice on door).

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              KamaSutra certainly uses a 'single sauce' - I can understand why people like the ambiance, but the food is mushy and undefined!
              Amaya (ex Jov) is schizophrenic! Bad service! Twice they didn't answer the phone (or return a left message). The food is pretty good though although IMO not as good as Tabla.

            3. had the $45 prixe fixe tasting menu at Jaadu tonight. Must say that after years of eating at fine dining establishments the world over, I was quite pleased, no, blown away by the service at jaadu. the food, excellent, with my indian companion remarking that he was quite impressed as well. the marsala chai tea at the end of the meal was "industrial" strength and served without sugar. a touch that was appreciated after such a full meal.

              the menu is more than ample in quantity, although after 3 excellent papadoms, the strange but tasty combination of brie and chickpea starter, i was starting to get full. by the time my 3rd of 4th courses arrived, i was full.

              i noted very few people in the restaurant, but can't imagine why anything other than the dismal rain should keep people away. the menu mains are in the $20-30 range, which is in line with all the other places like Aqua and Far Niente that keep getting repeat customers for what is usually so-so food.

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                I work in the area and often see the place near to empty and have wondered why. Thanks for the review, it's a bit steep for my lunchtime budget but will try to keep it in mind for a dinner out.

                1415 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T1Y7, CA

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                  I consider midtown to include Bloor Street West so my suggestion is to try "BANJARA" at Bloor and Christie....we have basically stopped going to Little India for dinner in favour of Banjara....have a look at previous posts.

              2. Bombay Bell on Eglinton E. is far from impressive. They could not care less if you are there or not. Only their breads were really good. Inattentive staff. Food so-so. The fish was dry.

                1. I was very disappointed with Chef of India 30 Eglinton W. (chefofindia.net) - Very poor service and nothing special worth mentioning on the menu.
                  I heard (and read) that Khana Khajana 7117 Bathurst (tel. 905-771-6661) is very good, as well as Amaya the Indian Room (1701 Bayview, corner Soudan) and Agra Indian Cuisine -- www.agrafineindiancuisine.com -- 4850 Yonge Street (416) 222-7500 -- I did not try any of them but I would love to read reviews from you, chowhounds.

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                    We've been to Amaya a number of times since it opened a few months ago. It's become quite busy - not possible to be seated without reservations anymore. We've enjoyed their grilled squid (simple but very flavourful and tender), okra strips (crispy strips as an appetizer) and lamb shanks. They had a wonderful hotplate paneer dish that has been subsequently rotated out of the menu due to lacklustre demand.

                    Amaya express (from the same owners) is okay with its' focus on delivery and fast food type service. Disappointed with their butter chicken (few chunks of chicken swimming in sauce) but like the naan and tandoori chicken.

                    Farther afield, always enjoyed Cuisine of India (on Yonge north of Sheppard) and the Host in Mississauga.

                  2. According to some chowhound reviews, the following are very good:
                    (1) Agra Indian Cuisine -- www.agrafineindiancuisine.com -- 4850 Yonge Street
                    North York, ON, Canada -- (416) 222-7500 -- It's on the west side of Yonge, just north of Sheppard.
                    (2) Jaipur Grille on Yonge south of Eglinton
                    (3) Lahore Tikka House at 1365 Gerrard East, at Highfield
                    (4) Khana Khajana 7117 Bathurst – 905-771-6661
                    (5) Amaya the Indian Room 1701 Bayview (corner Soudan)
                    I did not try any of these. What I tried, though, at lunch time and also for dinner, was Chef of India 30 Eglinton West W. Friendly staff, but they served me white wine in a warm glass and their food was far from tasty, both times.

                    1. Going to Tabla tonight for the first time. Will definitely order the vindaloo and avoid the biryani. Any other thoughts?

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                        We had either beef or lamb (can't remember) with "xacutti" sauce and it was very good. We enjoyed everything we had really. The paneer was very fresh and tasty.

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                          Ask for the Naanini (a Naan stuffed with minced lamb) - they still make it, but it disappeared in the last menu reprint. I also endorse the Xacutti.

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                            We ordered the Naanini last night, no problem.
                            The vindaloo is really the best I have eaten in Toronto, but avoid the prawn, as they cook in the sauce, and end up being very tough.
                            This is our fourth trip there, and last night one of our party was a vegetarian, so we have now tried all the veggie dishes.
                            The eggplant perfect, and smokey, and as good, if not better than anything I have had, even in India.
                            Since, we have now become familiar with the staff, I asked why the biryani was such a wet dreadful concotion, especially considering that their pilaf is quite good.
                            Their answer was that they think that Canadians like the rice wet, so they cook it with lots of sauce.
                            They told me that they are capable of making a good southern biryani as well as the northern more common in Delhi.
                            The southern style has a bit too much heat for me, but I would settle for any region.
                            They need a few more people to encourage them to stick to "real" Indian food.

                            1. re: erly

                              Yes, I think they have 'dumbed down' their menu a bit over the past 6 months. They seem to have removed some of the more expensive (was originally going to write sophisticated) dishes. Apparently TO isn't ready to pay those prices yet (I've seen the same pattern at other (formerly) high-end Indian restaurants). They told me that their best-selling dish is the ubiquitous Butter Chicken - I almost never order that anywhere as it reminds me too much of horrendous so-called Indian plates in the UK.
                              But I agree with the Vindaloo choice. Indeed the best in Toronto - and one of the best I've had anywhere.

                              1. re: estufarian

                                That's unfortunate, if they are "dumbing down" their menu. I didn't notice that when we went in September, but then I didn't go for the butter chicken...