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Sep 16, 2007 01:02 PM

"COOLEST" neat restaurant in W. Hollywood area?

Friends coming in from Italy and planning to stay at Ch Marmont, or Mondrian, or on La Cienega: Their question: " what are the cooolest, best, newest ' in ' restaurants in that general area?" Not necessarily the fanciest, or most expensive tourist places. Please help with some specific ones.

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  1. Bastide on Melrose Place in WeHo

    Sona on La Cienega in WeHo

    Lucuqes on Melrose in WeHo

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      1. La Cienega: Gonpachi, Tanzore
        Sunset: Bar Marmont

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          Yes to Bar Marmont. If they're staying up the hill it's obviously a no brainer. Even though it's been around a long time, it recently reopened with a minor makeover. And it remains the hippest place on the strip, in my opinion. And food is very good too.

        2. It's not upper end cuisine, like Bastide or Sona, but Tokyo Table is a little different and often fun, with good pricing.

          1. You absolutely cant go wrong with Hatfields, Sona, Lucques, Aoc, Osteria Mozza, Angelini Osteria. New or not, I would not let them miss Spago Beverly H if they have not been previously. No, its not new but the food is as cutting edge as anything anyone else is doing and its also not afraid to serve a whole portion. I also think its really fairly priced for what it is. A no loose deal