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Sep 16, 2007 12:55 PM

Ferguson's Grill: hidden treasure in Spokane

On Garland, just east of Monroe, is a little grill where time has stood still---an unpretentious little place with usually a little wait to get seated, breakfast at all hours, the cook amenable to just about any finesse you want in the recipe. The fountain [a real one, ca. 1940-50] has a dispenser for RC Cola, and the decor---well, it fits; the booths are authentic, and the recipes---we never have gotten past breakfast and the blueberry and fruit and nut pancakes: read---banana and nut; blueberries, real ones, cooked in; top with nuts? No problem. Today it was walnuts. The sausage side? They use local products, tell you where the sausage came from, the various local things: it was a rosemary pork link sausage, generous to the max. Absolutely worth the effort to find this little place: park on the street, no meters. Strictly a family operation: I think everybody's related. One of these days I'm going to have to make it into the lunch menu [today's special: coconut shrimp] and the dinner one.

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