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Any good Dim Sum Downtown?

Can anyone recommend a good place for Dim Sum downtown?

I am not interested in Lai Wah Heen, I just want regular Cantonese Dim Sum like I have always enjoyed at Ambassador in Richmond Hill... Siu Mai, Har Gow, Sticky Rice, stuff like that.

Dynasty on Bloor was a great disappointment, and so much of Spadina seems to be Vietnamese lately... and if they have the Golden Baked Tapioca Pudding that would be perfect!

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  1. Rol San on Spadina is excellent - always freshly made and well priced.

    1. I went to Pearl Harbourfront 1 month ago & I prefer it to Dynasty. The portion were quite big. Most dim sums have 4 pc in each order. The size of Siu Mai, Har Gow etc were hugh. The venue is pleasant with the view of the lake & good service too.
      I think the price is comparable to Ambassador considering its hugh portion.
      The shrimp that they used to make dim sum was very tasty. Worth a try.

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        My experience at Pearl Harbourfront is not bad, no surprise, average dim sum but the view is really good, which make it worth a visit I guess... IMO.

      2. a friend told me that the restaurant on top of dragon city centre (spadina + dundas) recently changed chefs. and the dim sum was awesome. I trust his opinion.

        but me myself i have not try it yet.

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          If you like Ambassador. you'll like Pearl Harbourfront at York and Queen's Quay on the lake.

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            I think that would be Sky Dragon. Went there at lunch time for a combination of dim sum and regular menu items. I have to say that the menu items were great, but the dim sum was ordinary.

          2. Thanks for all the recommendations!

            I hope to try them all and find my new favourite!

            1. forestview on dundas is my pick!

              1. I've traveled and eaten in San Francisco, Hong Kong and China dim sum restaurants and my favorite in Toronto is the Kowloon Dim Sum on Baldwin St. It looks strange and uninviting from the outside but the food is excellent. It is traditional ordering the plates rather than the carts. Everything is hot and delicious. Nothing cold from sitting on carts for 1/2 hour.
                They had excellent Turnip Cakes, Spinach and nut steamed dumplings, Beef in Rice Noodle, and their Pork Congee (Jook) was one of the best I ever had-flavorful and cooked right.

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                  Hmmmm, turnip cake....love it. Picked some up from T &T the other day, and it was pretty good, even reheated in the microwave the next day.

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                    you should panfry it! and serve w/ soy sauce... love it.

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                      Yes but I was being lazy and starving....didn't wanna take the trouble to dirty pan for one turnip cake....I know, not very CH'ish, huh!! But I did do the soy sauce.

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                    Thanks for the Kowloon Dim Sum suggestion LoveFood2Much - I will have to give it a try!

                  3. Just came back from New Treasure on Dundas. I think it is the McDonalds of dim sum. Kinda greasy, loads of salt (probably msg), only one vegetable dish, loads of pork and shrimp dumplings, lots of deep fried and you have to be in your seat at 12 noon for the fresh stuff.

                    But when you need a dim sum fix it hits the spot. Mmmm, sticky rice. And cheap, cheap.

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                      New treasure is certainly equitable to McD's. I also have had good experiences on KDS on Baldwin street.

                    2. King's Noodle House
                      296 Spadina Avenue
                      Toronto, ON M5T 2E7
                      (416) 598-1817

                      1. Kim Moon on Dundas serves dim sum and it's quite tasty. Especially considering the bargain prices there. I was surprised that many of the items weren't too greasy, which is rare at a low price point when it comes to dim sum.

                        Also, I agree that Rol San is great, but avoid their hot & sour soup, it's terrible.

                        1. I like Q Dim Sum Palace on King W., just east of Spadina.