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Sep 16, 2007 12:38 PM

pumpkin butter recipe for gift-giving

I am thinking of giving co-workers and other acquaintances pumpkin butter as a Christmas gift, but I am not into canning. I've never done it before and am sure I would infect them all with botulism if I did! So... is there a good recipe for pumpkin butter that could be frozen? I've made freezer jam in those plastic freezer "jars" and am sort of thinking the same thing for the pumpkin butter. Also, I would prefer it to be sweetened with honey rather than sugar, if possible.

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  1. thought i'd push this further up. I would like to make pumpkin butter but am having a hard time finding a recipe. Have searched the usual suspects online (food network, epi, cooking light etc) and haven't turned up anything. Have also skimmed through my cookbook collection.

    I plan on canning so I don't need a "freezer" recipe... even just a general idea of how to make pumpkin butter would be appreciated. thanks!

    1. its the same concept as apple or pear butter, only you use pumpkin. You can use canned pumpkin, not filling and add in spices to your taste, plus honey or brown sugar or molasses. Reduce, reduce, reduce, stir, stir, stir. Or, smartly use a crock pot. If fresh pie pumpkins are on the list, I seed them and roast them whole until the flesh is scoopable. Adds a sweetness to the butter that is hard to copy.

      1. There was a recipe recently on for pumpkin butter. I made it and it turned out great-- careful not to overcook as I had some darker spots from scorching. But it was delicious.

        1. Here is my recipe for pumpkin butter:
          It's quite easy to make and it turns out delicious! Sweet, spicy with nice pumpkin flavor. I roasted my own pumpkin (then make sure to use a small pumpkin) but you could of course use canned pumpkin. I have found that these types of butters are very forgiving and they are easy to experiment with in order to achieve your desired sweetness/spiciness. I'm sure it would be fine to substitute some of the sugar for honey.

          This makes a great gift and people will certainly appreciate this spread because it's so versatile! Works on toast, in cakes, cookies, I have even made pumpkin scones as well as pumpkin lattes with this butter.

          1. Here's a link to the recipe I came up with after having a hard time finding recipes online.