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Sep 16, 2007 12:33 PM

new people at Scoops?

I saw Tai at the Barry McGee opening (before Scoops' normal closing time of 9PM), and the "Tai sighting" made me wonder:

Has he hired other people to work?
Has he extended his hours? Is Scoops now open on Sunday?

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  1. Of all the times I've gone to Scoops (usually in the early evening after work as it's on the subway route home), I've only seen him there twice. He obviously has these other guys there to serve. Even when he was there, he was moving about the store as two girls worked the counter.

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    1. re: Woolsey

      Funny, everytime I go there (late afternoons on weekdays), Tai is manning the counter.

      1. re: J.L.

        he's there on weekdays it seems like, and on the weekend he has some employees working there (possiblby some students from the neighboring LACC).

    2. I think the hours posted for Scoops (noon to 10 p.m.) are more like guidelines.

      Several times I've driven by around noon and the place was closed.

      1. On Friday around 1:00 he was there but not serving, he was just hanging out outside. There were at least 4 workers in the store besides him, 2 servers (1 hanging outside) and two in the back.

        I had his date walnut ice cream and it was delicious. The consistency was much better than on my last trip to Scoops.