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Sep 16, 2007 12:11 PM

Boerum Hill "B" Sushi

I have had several excellent, top-notch deliveries from Ki and they are my first choice these days (I also really like Kiku but they are pretty far away and I feel guilty bringing them all the way over here). But budget is sometimes a major consideration. I am ok with second tier (less expensive) sushi as long as it is totally fresh. Less interesting? You get what you pay for and I'll sacrifice that when I need to save the bucks. But I want good food and good value.
So I'm looking at significant cost savings on the Kyoto menu and I'm wondering if I would regret an order there. And I'm fishing for other B-list options.
Any reports on these less-than-blue-ribbon (as it were) places for when good (instead of sublime) is good enough?

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  1. Kyoto is so-so. We went once. My husband loved a fried sushi roll that they do. The sashimi was alright, nothing amazing. Our waitress was overly pushy on the more expensive sashimi choices -- she must have asked us 3 times over the course of the meal if we're "sure" we don't want to try some of their toro. Really put me off the place, I don't like being hard sold on sushi ;)

    We normally rotate between Ki, Cube 63, and Osaka -- all of which I've had some great sushi at (though none of them are entirely consistent). Have had good sushi at Hibino but I wouldnt call that cheap sushi.

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      Thanks for the response. I remember reading your account of that. That would have ticked me off, big, too.