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Sep 16, 2007 11:12 AM

What's your top 3 upper east side restaurants with moderate prices?

Any ideas? I live in the area and I'm new to this website - any suggestions/cuisines are welcome!

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  1. Moderate knocks out Centolire and Giovanni Venti Cinque.
    But it still leaves Fig & Olive, a Mediterranean walk-down which is not only fairly priced but also very health conscious with their ingredients.
    A charming spot with maybe 12 tables max.

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    1. re: idia

      I've been to Fig & Olive - I thought it was pretty good. The unique bruschetta assortments were fab. Perhaps we will try Centolire and Giovanni Venti Cinque for a special night out ;)

      1. re: LeahBaila

        Absolutely agree with Taco Taco. Maybe not a place to go to impress the in-laws, i.e. the decor leaves much to be desired. The flavors are authentic and the portions are monstrous. Oh, and that whole fad with tableside guacamole... they make a killer guac for $8. They also have delectable margaritas. My favorite is the cucumber margarita - tasty and refreshing.

      2. I live at the northern edge of the UES - Carnegie Hill - happy to help - but would be useful to know what part of the UES and what your definition of moderate is. First places that come to mind for me are Zebu Grill and Kurio.

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        1. re: MMRuth

          Anywhere 75th-94th street - about $100 or less for dinner (entree and appitizer or dessert) and wine per couple.

          1. re: rosie209

            The bar across the street at Etats-Unis. 81st between 2nd and 3rd. The closest thing to a downtown feel on the UES. They don't take reservation and you might have to wait in line.
            Canyon Road on 1st and 77th - South Western food. Gets crowded and is under staffed so expect a very slow service.

            1. re: ow77

              I really like Zebu Grill, as I mentioned - but might be tough to keep it under $100 if you have a bottle of wine. For reasonable and decent (not great) sushi, we like Ichi Ro.

            2. re: rosie209

              Some of my fave's (I found it hard top pick just 3) that fit the bill are...
              Atlantic Grill Which can be under $100 if you order carefully, Zebu Grill, Ichi Ro, Don Pedros (on 96th, but worth going the extra 2 blocks IMO), Kudoo's, Yuka ( I usually get delivery, and not to be confused with Yuko). And finally for apps and drinks Uptown is very reasonable. Their pasta entrees are quite good as is brunch, however, meat dishes tend to get over cooked. They used to have a weekend special of 1 app, 2 entrees and a bottle of wine for a ridiculous price of like $50. I don't know if they still do it though. All of these places can be found on menu pages.

          2. Zuchero Pomodori - This is in my opinion the most underrated, overlooked restaurant on the Upper East Side. The food, while obviously not the absolute best Italian out there, is much better than most of the other Italian restaurants on the UES, and better priced.

            Trate Estiatorio - Also another highly underrated restaurant on the UES. Very solid Greek Food. Good swordfish and Pikilia platter.

            Atlantic Grill on 77th(?) and Third - This restaurant doesn't seem to get a lot of mention on the boards. Aside from the space itself(airy, comfortable relaxing), I think what I like most about this place the most is the variety on the menu(raw bar, sushi, fish, meat) all of which are very well prepared.

            1. I like:
              Lili's Noodle House for pleasant atmosphere and fresh, fast Chinese food.
              Jasmine is pretty good for Thai. Vermicelli is nice for spicy Vietnamese.
              Yuka is unbeatable for a no-atmosphere sushi place. Sushi Hana has a little more atmopshere and excellent rolls.

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              1. re: Jel212

                I just went to this place "oh mammamia" (it sounds like a crazy chain restaurant name, but it really isnt!!) but I was completely impressed with the quality of the food and the pizzas! The food is so authentic. Threre is this very funny , Neopolitan guy making the pizzas and he is extremely entertaining.You must check this place out

                1. re: Jel212

                  I forgot the address! IT is located on 2nd ave between 74 and 75 (not quite sure of the cross streets

                  1. re: Jel212

                    Very sorry, but i find all of the above to be mediocre to average asian food, except for Yuka which I've never been to, and Sushi Hana is slightly above average sushi.

                    Places I think are OK (although still not that great compared to downtown): Ichiro, Poke, Sachi, Gaiyumaru for sushi (I also hear good things about Inase and Donguri), Wu Liang Ye for Szechuan, Mingala Burmese, Buddha BBQ. There's no good Thai but I prefer Sala Thai to Jasmine (there's a couple new places I havent tried yet like Wondee III and Milano). Vietnamese is horrible around here (and I even include the vanished Saigon Grill in that description.)

                    My top 3 would be: Beyoglu, El Paso Taqueria, and Mingala Burmese. Atlantic Grill is nice but I think it's a little pricey/bordering on above moderate. Other runners up would be La Tour (for their moules frites), Ottomanelli (great bargain comfort food and steaks), Kinsale Tavern (surprisingly good and cheap Irish pub grub, try the Irish panini). I'm probably forgetting some stuff.

                    1. re: jeanki

                      Yes - Inase is v. good - we have a tough time spending less than $100 there though. I like Poke for the rolls, but not the sashimi. I've posted about Thai Milano - I'm now addicted to their Thai fried rice - have only done delivery though. I also like El Paso Taqueria - will have to try Mingala.