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Sep 16, 2007 10:20 AM

italian food

does anybody know where I can get the best Italian food in the north dallas area? Just moved here from california.

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  1. I really like Momo's-located on Beltline

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      Are you looking for Northern or more family style Southern? Convino's in Plano on parker & independence is good for southern style and they also have a really good home made cheesecake. Also Joe's on Parker and the tollway fits this bill okay.

      For decent Northern Italian you will need to travel a bit. There are several decent places but all in uptown.

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        Ok, I might be shot for this, but there is this newish Italian place that opened off of Custer between Lookout and Renner in Richardson. Its called something like Michael Mark's. They are still working out kinks. Mostly waitstaff issues. Its not authentic authentic italian, but the two meals I had there were tasty. The chicken and smoked gouda lasagna was pretty tasty. They also had some fun selections of pizza.

        1. re: simply_victoria

          I was there once, found it to be more white bread Italian. I personally think Covino's beats them with one spatula behind their back any day of the week.

          Michael Mark's has a very nice patio but that's about all I could say.

      2. Some recommendations:


        MI Piaci Restaurant

        14854 Montfort Dr
        Dallas, TX 75254
        (972) 934-8424

        My last visit to Mi Piaci was outstanding. I was told the old chef had recently returned.

        The old owners of Modo Mio are opening a new restaurant called bene bene at Frankford and the Tollway. If it is anything like Modo Mio it will be good.


        Sweet Basil Inc
        17610 Midway Rd # 150
        Dallas, TX 75287
        (972) 733-1500

        Covino's Pasta & Pizza
        3265 Independence Pkwy
        Plano, TX 75075
        (972) 519-0345

        Cafe Amore Pizza & Pasta
        400 N Coit Rd
        Richardson, TX 75080
        (972) 699-8340

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          I agree with Mi Piaci. Was there last weekend and enjoyed some truffle rissotto, thought he onions could've been cooked a little longer so they weren't crunchy, and a seafood dish between what looked like two crepes. That dish was a little heavy on garlic, but otherwise quite nice. You can also try Positanos, on Preston @ Frankford, but it's a tad expensive and it can be hit or miss. I've had excellent meals and mediocre meals.

        2. Bad news. It's nearly impossible to get good Italian food in Dallas. My suggestion is to go to Jimmy's Food Store and stock up the right ingredients and do it yourself. If I had to pick, it would probably be Danielle Osteria on Oak Lawn. MoMo's on Forest is passable, but the BYOB makes it worth it.

          1. In North Dallas, its Ferrari's hands down (beltline and midway). Mi Piaci is a pretty close second.

            1. If you like a locally owned, small, well run Italian resto with a limited menu but the food is good I would direct you to Alessio's.


              Don't be put off by the nabe.