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Sep 16, 2007 10:14 AM

Kensington Kitchen Closed

Anybody know the scoop?

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  1. Biked by last week and stopped to read a sign that they were moving to another location. No indication as to where or when. They were moving furniture out of the place at the time.

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    1. re: xtal

      No great loss. An opportunity for a better restaurant to move into that great space. It's unfortunate that for so many years a place with such a fantastic patio had such awful food.

      1. re: estragon

        Agreed...menue always looked good, but what arrived on the plate seldom impressed. A very nice space and a great patio. Hopefully something better opens before the good weather arrives in 2008

        1. re: Finnegan

          I was there last year and it was terrible.
          See ya.

          1. re: koknia

            I haven't been in years, but I recall it being pretty good several years ago.

    2. They had received 7 conditional passes, one closure, and several summonses over the past two years under the DineSafe program. Good riddance.

      1. I believe the guys behind Teatro on College are re-opening KK as a new restaurant. Similar idea to Teatro; restaurant till about ten then turning into a bar

        1. Has anyone been to the new place there?

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          1. re: shudder

            We tried it out last night, and I'm happy to say that Tati has the makings of a great neighbourhood bistro. Two salads to start: roasted beets with greens and almonds, and a frisée with lardons and roquefort. Both delicious, big portions. Mains were pickerel and duck confit. The pickerel was great, with a nice lemony garlic sauce. The confit was good too, but the skin hadn't been crisped – what's with that? Desserts were a chocolate terrine and lemon tart. Terrine was good, but had an accompanying tuile that could actually have tiled a roof. Lemon tart filling was beautifully balanced – lots of citrus, rich but not eggy. Its crust was, alas, merely utilitarian, and not delicious on its own. Lots of wines by the glass, which was great. Prices seemed reasonable: total for 2 (with three glasses of wine) $125 (incl. tip). Service was friendly and efficient – all very smooth, especially given they've only been open a few weeks and were quite busy.

            1. re: deepcreek

              so wait- has a new place opened where KK was already????

              Does anyone have a website or link to a menu, I can't find anything on line...

              1. re: deepcreek

      , although no menu is posted yet.
                Make a reservation before you go. Tel# 416 962 8284. It's getting really full each night.

                1. re: eatyurpeas

                  Joanna Kates reviewed it in the Globe this weekend. She liked it. (Sorry I don't have a link to the article.)

                  1. re: balthazar

                    It's getting great reviews all around. Corey Mintz gave it a great review in Eye today, and we loved it when we were there for TasteTO.

                    I'd definitely second eatyurpeas' recommendation of a reservation. It's this month's hot spot for sure and fills up fast, especially on weekends.

                2. re: deepcreek


                  124 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON M5S 1G8, CA

              2. I have rather mixed reactions about KK. There was one dish (I forget what it was called... Istanbul lamb, I think) that I absolutely loved there, some appetizers were fine too - but some dishes were really bland and boring. Also, I was once served a martini once that was basically water. I'm not exaggerating - it was a very faint shade of pink and I swear it was at least 90% water. At least they took it back and didn't charge for it once I complained, but they seemed grumpy about it. So that was about the last time I went there (because of the martini incident and because they changed the great Istanbul lamb dish too, to make it much less interesting).

                I'll be curious to see who moves in there.

                P.S. Oh, I see. :-)