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HELP with cake decorating

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hey ya'll i'm working on my fiancee's grooms cake and i'm trying a new medium i have never used and was hoping someone could give me some tips on applying "gold dust' or luster dust. i just can't make it work and i'm running out of time HELP

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  1. what are you trying to apply the luster dust to? buttercream frosting or fondant? how are you applying it and what's the problem? normally, you'd use a small brush to apply it, and depending on the effect you want, you can brush it on dry for a more subtle effect or mix the luster dust with a little alcohol (for example, vodka, vanilla extract) to paint it on.

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      I'm putting it on fondant and just couldn't get the effect i wanted. i havn't started that acual cake i was just practicing on a peice of fondant that i rolled out. i have a soft (new) paint brush and was applying it dry. i'm making a cake in the shape of a flor-de-lis in saints colors.

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        as cheesepowder has suggested, you need to add a little alcohol. I use vodka since i do a lot of cake decorating for my family. You can buy a smal bottle of vodka, i guess. If you're going to use vanilla, make sure its the clear one. Just use a pinch of luster dust, a drop of vodka , mix and paint on the fondant. Do that until you get the shade you want. Don't mix a lot if you're not going to use it at once since the alcohol will evaporate. Hope this helps.

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          Thanks. I will try that. i just want it to be a true gold and it was so light you could hardly tell what it was. i think i already have some vodka at the house so that should work like i said thanks again. i have worked with just about everything but this so it's a try untill it works type thing

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            I experimented w/ luster dust a bit for my parent's 50 anniversary party. I didn't have much luck, but I am a novice at serious decorating. Anyhow, I wound up making little balls out of white chocolate and painting the balls w/ the luster dust (and alcohol). It showed up much better on the white choc.

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              danna, i do the same thing. When you say "paint" do you use a brush? If so there is an easier way. after you make the balls let it dry for a while and then put it in a small container with high sides, add some luster dust and a few drops of alcohol and swirl it around. Add more dust and alcohol until you get the look you want. Good thing about this is i can make smaller balls the size of beads. I've done gold and silver and red. They're beautiful. I made one the look like pearls and decorated the cake with just that and it came out simple but elegant. I alway use white chocolate because i can use any color of dust i want.

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                oh, what a nice idea...i love the pearls! Do you have any tricks for making the small balls in an efficient way? What brand of white chocolate do you buy? I don't really like the stuff, so I'm not sure what tastes good to those who do.

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                  I make my modelling chocolate with Merckens chocolate coating and light corn syrup. I make it a little softer so it's easier to roll it between my palms. I just eyeball the size. I let it dry for a while before i cover it with luster dust. When i make flowers , i like using candy oil flavors that goes with the color of the flowers or leaves. Cherry or strawberry for red, lemon for yellow etc. You know how people has a perception of what certain flavors go withe certain colors. And they really like it. It sometimes surprise them too.